WordPress Plugin to Help with Installing SSL Certificates

WordPress Plugin to Help with Installing SSL Certificates

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful WordPress plugin to help with installing SSL Certificates, you might want to take a look at Really Simple SSL. This is a free WordPress plugin that makes installing SSL Certificates a breeze.

Since some WordPress site owners, particularly new ones, are kind of afraid to use SSL Certificates due to their complex installation method, WordPress plugins that focus on SSL Certificate activation are a big hit. This makes things so easy and purchasing the actual SSL Certificate should be the only thing that you have to learn.

Using SSL Certificate WordPress Plugins

When you choose to use an SSL activation WordPress plugin, you only need to follow three steps on how to get your certificate up and running for your domain. Read below and learn what those simple three steps are:

  • Purchase an SSL Certificate.

Of course, you need to purchase an SSL Certificate first before you can use the WordPress plugin. The best place to go for a certificate is GoDaddy because their certificates are not too pricey and their customer service is commendable.

Godaddy is a great option for reliable, cheap SSL certs that work with WP.  Get the best price.

Create an account on GoDaddy if you don’t have one yet or sign in if you do. Then, click on SSL Certificates. Make sure that you choose the right certificate that you need before clicking on ‘Set Up’. Check the credit that you want to use before clicking ‘Set Up’. You will see a ‘New Certificate’ tab on your account.

Once you see your New Certificate, click on ‘Manage’ and provide your CSR or Certificate Signing Request to have your certificate issued and your website verified. If your domain is hosted on GoDaddy, you don’t need to submit a CSR since your domain is provided by the same company.

You need to select whether you need a standard certificate or an extended one. If you are using a small business website, the standard certificate should be enough. Click ‘Finish’ and just wait for the validation before receiving your SSL Certificate. This may take a little while but it if you are using a standard SSL Certificate, you only need to wait around 1 to 7 days to have everything validated. Most standard certificates only take a day to process.

  • Download and activate Really Simple SSL.

All you have to do is go to ‘Plugins’ on your WordPress dashboard and select ‘Activate’ on your newly installed SSL plugin. Right after the activation of the plugin, it will detect whether you have a certificate or not.

Once the SSL Certificate is detected, you can simply activate it by a single click. There are no additional setups needed since the plugin takes care of the rest.

When using this plugin, make sure that you have already backed up all your files to make sure that when problems do occur, which is a rare occurrence, you will be able to revert your website back to normal. Then, you can simply try using the plugin again and see how easy it is to activate your SSL Certificate on your WordPress site.

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