Will Your Website Visitors Be Able to Tell Your Site Has an SSL Certificate?

Will Your Website Visitors Be Able to Tell Your Site Has an SSL Certificate?

Hacking, identity theft and all kinds of cyber crimes are just around the corner, searching for loopholes where sensitive information can be obtained. In order to prevent these from happening, SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificates must be employed to keep all confidential information protected all the time. These certificates create encrypted channels between the browser and web server which ensures that the channel is safe from the risks.

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SSL Certificates – Visual Cues

The “handshake” is a term that is being used when it comes to the verification of the SSL certificate. This means that the encryption process is already taking place. Since this happens virtually, will your website visitors be able to tell your site has an SSL certificate? Although the encryption procedure is actually invisible to the naked eye, there are visual cues that let clients know that the security has been created. Here are the following:

  • Padlock symbol – The locked “golden padlock” is a symbol that tells the visitors that they are engaging in secured online transactions. This is a quick way to determine that the communications are private and encrypted. By clicking the padlock, visitors will be able to see the CA, physical web address as well as the business name and other details.


  • HTTPS – Instead of the usual HTTP, secured websites displays “HTTPS” on the address bar. Apart from this, the address bar can also turn into green to signify that the website is secured. This is the case if you are using an EV or Extended Validation certificate.


  • Seal – Typically, Certificate Authorities provide site seals along with the certificate and these serve as visual indications to assure that your website and all the transactions are secured and protected. Businesses usually show site seals to promote that they are validated and can facilitate safe transactions.

website godaddy ssl certBasic Types of SSL and Their Features

The visual cues can help businesses to let their customers know that they are secured. So, having SSL certificates to back up your online business can be a great way to promote and turn visitors into paying clients. With this, you also have to know various types of certificates that you could purchase:

  • Dedicated SSL – These certificates are particularly assigned to a certain domain name.  With this, it requires an exclusive domain name and no sub domains either. This kind of certificate is usually the most expensive.
  • Shared SSL –  As the term suggests, these certificates can be shared among other sites unlike dedicated SSLs. This means that you can make use of other people’s certificates for your site. These can be cheaper but the thing is the certificate’s name will not match your business name and certificate owners.
  • Free SSL – These may be termed as free but they are definitely not. However, these certificates have the least cost compared to other types and the encryption levels are not the same as the paid ones.
  • Wildcard – These are typically used for sites that have sub domains to ensure full protection.

In essence, no matter what kind of SSL certificate you use, it is a bare necessity these days due to the increasing incidences of cyber crimes that makes customers highly discerning of their online transactions.



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