Wildcard SSL Certificates: What are They?

godaddy wildcard ssl certificatesWildcard SSL Certificates: What are They?

It is fact that a lot of business owners or companies online own multiple websites and sub domains although all of these belong to a single company. In such cases, Wildcard SSL certificates are needed so that the sub domains that belong to the same company or main domain will be validated as well. Pretty much, these are just like the standard SSL certificate but to gain more understanding it is essential that you learn about Wildcard SSL certificates.

Understanding How It Works

Basically, Wildcard SSL works in a similar way with the regular certificates. It is just that it validates not only the main domain but sub domains as well. Thus, to understand how it works it will be most helpful to know how a regular SSL functions.

SSL is an acronym which stands for Secure Socket Layer which encrypts information during transfer between browsers and servers. This is very important to prevent virtual attacks from happening. The certificate validates the website or URL to ensure that it is reliable and to determine who owns it as well. You may have encountered an online form requiring your bank details or personal information and you may have seen that icon at the bottom screen indicating that that website is secured with SSL. Visual cues like this can tell clients that the website can be trusted and all the information that is entering the site is being encrypted.

Why is it More Cost-Effective?

In essence, the standard Wildcard SSL works best for older OS and browsers that utilized 40 to 56 bit of encryption. But then, there are certificates available in up to 2048 bits which depends on the specific needs of a business. There are a lot of organizations that own 40 websites or more and they have to maintain them of course. With this, it can be cheaper to buy a single certificate that can work for all the sites.

By purchasing Wildcard certificates, you can avoid the hassle of monitoring each SSL certificate for every sub domain that you have. With such product, you only have one certificate to renew once it reaches its expiration date. Plus, just imagine how much you have to spend if you will purchase certificate for every sub domain. If you will pay a minimum of $10 for each certificate and you own 50 websites, you will have to pay $500 for all the certificates. On the other hand, you can get a Wildcard certificate that will only cost you a fraction of that price.

Best wildcard Go Daddy SSL Certificates

Before You Make a Purchase

Truly, Wildcard SSLs can be advantageous for businesses with multiple websites and sub domains as these products can be a practical and cost effective tool. However, it must be understood that it has its limitations too. The thing is, using Wildcard certificates can compromise all sub domains in case one server is affected. Plus, if in case it is revoked, all the sub domains will be put in jeopardy. However, in terms of cost and time, Wildcard certificates are still an excellent option.


Wildcard SSL Certificates: What are They?  Best Wildcard SSLs

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