Why You Shouldn’t Use a Self-Signed SSL Certificate

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Self-Signed SSL Certificate

You might be tempted to just use a self-signed SSL Certificate on your website so that you can save money by not having the need to pay certificate authorities for the certificates that you use for your website. But because of the dangers that self-signed SSL Certificates might bring to websites and also to website visitors, this is not recommended. There are just too many negative effects that self-signed certificates can do to your site and also to your visitors.

This is the reason why you shouldn’t use a self-signed SSL Certificate on your sites. It is better to spend a few dollars a year on an SSL Certificate on a trusted authority than making and signing your own certificates. This will save you lots of money in the long run.

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Why Just Pay for Your SSL Certificate

Paying for the SSL Certificates that you would use on your website is a much better option than trying to create and sign your own certificates that are not sure to work properly to protect your site and your website visitors.

  • Not Recognized by Web Browsers

Established certificate authorities have all the resources that they need to create SSL Certificates and verify the ownership of a domain or business and legitimacy of a website or business of a client. Because of this, certificate authorities are trusted by web browsers. This is something that low-assurance certificate authorities cannot do. And obviously, this is something that you won’t likely be able to do.

Thus, the certificate that you have signed yourself will be recognized as an inefficient certificate by an untrusted certificate authority. This means that your SSL Certificate will not be accepted and the browser would warn your visitors that your website could be vulnerable to various attacks and it would be best to leave immediately. This, obviously, will result into the failure of your website, which will ultimately result into the breakdown of your business.

Plus, SSL certs from companies like GoDaddy are really cheap now days.  It’s not worth it to try and do it yourself.

  • Diminishing Trust from Your Visitors

Because your self-signed certificate may cause warnings on various web browsers, your visitors will lose their trust on your website. Because of this, you will ultimately lose traffic, which will result in business bankruptcy in the long run.

And even if there are no warnings from web browsers, you visitors will still feel wary about transacting inside your website because they are not sure about the quality and strength of the self-signed certificate that you are using. Because your identity could not be verified by third party certificate authorities, your visitors might think that your identity can be a fraud. This will lead them to think that they are vulnerable to phishing and hacking attacks when they transact on your website.

Thus, most website visitors will look for other alternative websites that have a more secured connection.

Self-signed certificates may look the cheaper alternative to certificates from high-assurance certificate authorities. But because of their negative effects on your site, it will cost you lots of money and eventually, it can even cost you your business.

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