Why You Don’t Want to Use Free SSL Certificates

Why You Don’t Want to Use Free SSL Certificates

If you operate an online business then it is highly important to keep your website secured at all times by purchasing SSL certificates that will make your business more trusted. These certificates are very helpful in blocking virtual attacks and encrypting information that will promote safe travel of data between servers and browsers. However, Certificate Authorities do not just give out these certificates for free. These security tools are available at a price. Sure, there are free options. Read on why you don’t want to use free SSL certificates.

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The Cost of Paid SSL Certificates

In actuality, the simplest forms of SSL certificate packages are not too costly at all but it must be noted that it is not considered as a single purchase. They are meant to expire at a certain point and you need to make another purchase to renew your certificates. In case that you need better security and enhanced features then you will have to pay extra too. Hence, choosing the right certificate is of utmost importance so that you will get the best value out of your money.

You may be tempted to try out the free SSL certificates in the market with the desire to avoid the hassle and expense but this can be deceiving. You have to face the fact that nothing can be free in this world and the one that you thought you have for free will only make your budget more miserable, making it more advantageous to settle for paid SSL certificates.

free godaddy ssl certificateReasons Why You Don’t Want to Use Free SSL Certificates

There can be no issues with paying for SSL certificates since you can expect to receive what you paid for as compared to having free SSL. Primarily, free Certification Authorities are not compliant with the professional standards. The truth is, majority of these free SSL certificates that you will find in the market are not regulated at all.

Since these are unregulated, downloading these can expose your computer to malicious programs, threats such as Trojans, viruses, worms and many more that can potentially steal valuable data from your PC. Even though you were able to come up with a clean certificate without charge this will not guarantee that you are already out of danger.

The thing is, majority of the web browsers are not able to recognize free SSL certificates or those that are self-signed. When this happens, clients who visit your website will be given an alert message telling that your site can be damaging to their PC. This type of error can vanish if you will refresh the page or accept the page manually.

But then, there are also many clients who are not aware that these warning messages do not actually mean that the site is totally harmful. Since there is a big paranoia over the Internet, they will just stay away from the site without reading it fully. This can greatly affect your business and will result to loss of income so it is best not to rely on free certificates if you mean serious business. Paid certificates will cost you a little higher but it also means boosts in profits so why not spend for it?



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