What SSL Certificate Type is Best for My Website?

What SSL Certificate Type is Best for My Website?

An SSL Certificate certainly does wonders to your website, most especially if you are an entrepreneur trying to get into the ecommerce industry. Remember that by installing the certificate, you will be able to draw a huge amount of traffic to your site because your visitors will feel confident in knowing that your website is safe and secure.

Basically, the SSL, or the Secure Socket Layer, works just like a strong layer of encryption in between the web server as well as the web browser. But remember that there are certain websites and server configurations that will require a specific type of SSL. So which SSL certificate is best for your website? Read on to find out which SSL is right for you.

Where You Are Located

One of the things to consider when deciding on the type of SSL is your location. The SSL Certificates are being issued to companies and individuals worldwide although there are certain restrictions to this. If you choose GoDaddy, you can refer to their website to find out which countries they are currently supporting for their certificate issuance.

Business or Personal Website

The SSL Certificate must also be based on the type of website that you have. Is it a business website or a personal website? How do you want to show to your visitors that your site is secure? Do you want them to see that the SSL certificate came from a verified organization or is showing the https address just enough?

All of the SSL secured websites of today would display “https” on their address. The Premium Extended validation certificates, also known as EV certificates will also display prominent indicators, which often come in the form of a green address bar. This bar assures visitors that the company that runs the website is legal and is physically existent. Furthermore, it proves that the company has been verified in accordance to strict industry standards.

Server or Web Hosting

The next thing to consider is the type of server or web hosting that you will use. As for GoDaddy, the SSL Certificates that they issue will work with all kinds of server and hosting configurations, although these specific servers will have to make use of the Quick Shopping cart, which means that the stores should use a single domain Premium or Standard SSL.

How Many Unique Domains?

Another great way to decide on the best SSL Certificate is to find out how many unique domains you want to secure with the https. Find out if all of the websites are fully qualified domains or if you need to add some sub domains. If so, then find out which sub domains and why? The Wildcard SSLs will cover various sub domains while the UCC SSLs will be able to cover multiple sub domains with unique domain names and websites. The UCC SSLs represents all of the secondary domains along with the primary business names, and therefore, all sites must be related to each other.

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