What SSL Certificate Authentication Happens Before You Can Get a Different Type of SSL?

What SSL Certificate Authentication Happens Before You Can Get a Different Type of SSL?

When it comes to authentication services, you will find that there are three different types of SSL certificates that you can choose from. All these types of SSL certificates come with varying features, as well as different levels of authentication which is a must before it gets issued. Knowing these differences can help you to prepare for the requirements needed to get the SSL certificate to be issued as soon as possible. If you are thinking of getting an SSL for your site, you must read this article first so you will know what SSL certificate authentication will happen right before you can get a different type of SSL.

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Different Types of SSL Certificates

As mentioned, there are three different types of SSL Certificates that you can choose from. Among these are the extended validation SSL, organization validation SSL, as well as the domain validation SSL. The Extended Validation SSL gives your customers two visible ways to confirm that your site is safe and secure. First is the green address bar and another is the True Site Seal.

As for the organization validation SSL, this helps to secure your website domain and then display standard information about your business on the certificate. The third type is the Domain Validation SSL and is the fastest way for you to get a certificate to be used for your domain. However, this will not come with any information about your business and its location.

Requirements before Getting the SSL Certificates

The requirements for getting any of the SSL Certificates mentioned will vary depending on the type of SSL certificate that you choose. For the Extended Validation level certificate, expect to go through a vigorous authentication process. The official government agency record that you will prepare must have the registration number of the organization, the date of the registration or the incorporation of the organizatio0n, as well as the registered address.

For the Organization Level of Certificate, the process will begin with authenticating your organization, your domain, verifying your organization’s address, as well as your contact information. As for the Domain Validation SSL, the authentication is automated where an email will be sent out to the Whois look up for the domain which the certificate was enrolled for.

Order Verification Requirements

There are also requirements that you need to submit for the authentication process. You need to comply with all of these requirements before you can be granted with any of the SSL Certificates. The authentication process will verify the Certificate Signing Request and all the details of the certificate with the certificate approver that has been identified on the certificate order.

The authentication process would require contacting the certificate approver with the use of a verified telephone number. The phone number will be obtained by checking out the qualified telephone databases online. Therefore, you need to ensure that the primary telephone number of your company is listed on the public telephone directories. The phone number will also be confirmed by means of a site visit that is conducted during the authentication process.

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