What Kinds of SSL Certificates are Available to Use?

What Kinds of SSL Certificates are Available to Use?

SSL which stands for Secure Socket Layer is a very vital element on the Internet and e-commerce sites. It refers to the kind of technology that protects sites and ensures secured transactions online. This security protocol encrypts data using a special type of codes all throughout the transfer of information and provides private channels for transmission of data. With this, you may ask – what kinds of SSL certificates are available to use?

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The Different Levels of Protection

In essence, SSL certificates are meant for online sites that need protection and security. These can be purchased and is available in different levels of protection which can be determined with its encryption. The standard types are the ones that offer 128 bit encryption but there are also certificates that are available in 256 bit. The higher the encryption, the better the security and protection.

There are certificates that are available with less than 128 bit and there are certificates that are higher than 256 bit and their costs really vary. But no matter what, these certificates are definitely necessary to build a client’s trust as well as increased online security.

Kinds of SSL Certificates

There is great variety of SSL certificates that cater to different security needs. So, what kinds of SSL certificates are available to use? Here are the following:

Local or Self-Signed Certificates – These are certificates that are issued by the server’s owner and not an authorized party such as a CA. These do not offer the kind of protection that clients expect and these typically cause browsers to issue warning to visitors.

what kinds of go daddy ssl certificatesThird-Party SSL Certificates – These certificates are verified by CAs or Certificate Authority which can bring a higher level of protection and trust. These reputable CAs are referred most trusted by web browsers. This gives your costumer added level of confidence to the security of the transaction. There are various types of CA validated SSL which include the following:

  • DV or Domain Validated – Validation process for this kind of certificate is less meticulous. Before this is issued, the CA validates information like, name and contact details. The information should match the registration information on the database. These certificates are ideal for businesses that plan to use certificates only for internal servers.
  • OV or Organizationally Validated – These certificates are only issued once the CAs have verified the legitimacy of a business. The process involves verifying the business credentials as well as the legality of the business and the web address. OV certificates are perfect for businesses that process credit card payments and deals with other sensitive information.
  • EV or Extended Validation – The validation process for EV certificates makes use of broader standards created by the leading Certificate Authorities as well as browser developers. These can be available solely for government bodies and businesses only. These have special features that warn users to websites with approved levels of security. Websites with this type of certificate have address bars that turn into green, signifying that it is safe.

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This is a good choice if you have multiple domains. For less than $90 a year, you can get protection for up to a hundred unique domains. You can even add, take out, or replace domains as you go along.

Your Choice

By knowing these kinds of certificates you will be able to employ the correct type that will offer you the best protection possible.


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