What is a Domain Validated DV SSL Certificate?

What is a Domain Validated DV SSL Certificate?

The SSL Domain Validated Certificates, more popularly known as SSLDV, are certified firewall which provide a lower level validation services for commercial CA certificates. Right before a DV SSL certificate is issued, the issuing authority will verify that a contact on the domain that is in question will approve the certificate request. Such approval is often done through email, although it can also be made over the phone or by means of other methods.

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Offered at Lower Prices

Since the issuance of DV Certificates are often automated, these certificates are usually being offered at much lower prices as compared to those high assurance certificates, as well as the EV SSL Certificates that will require a human element along the process of certificate issuance and validation of the organization.

Even though the Domain Validated Certificates verify the consent of the domain’s owner, it does not attempt to do any of the verifying process to find out who really owns the domain. The way domain validation works make it the kind of certificate that is prone to phishing attacks and other online frauds.

The Benefits of EV and Validation of High Insurance

By getting a human element to be involved in the validation process, any fraud will more likely be easily detected, including other phishing activities which are becoming common in the World Wide Web these days. In addition, other measures are also done by the staff of the validation in order to ensure that the organization that licensed it have control for the requesting certificates and those who are registered are in good standing along with their respective governments.

The added element is further enhanced by issuing the EV SSL Certificates. The Domain Validated Certificates often incorporate additional checks in order to verify the authenticity of the certificate request right before the certificate is issued and will make the address bar to turn to green in the browser and will provide other identifying characteristics which the website visitors can view.

For instance, the requirement before the certificate is issued is that the organization will be contacted by the certifying bodies over the phone on the number listed by the company. The certifying authority will get in touch with the supervisor of the company in order to verify that the Extended Validation Certificate request is authentic.

Easy to Obtain

The Domain Validated Certificates are so easy to obtain and they provide little value which could be provided through self signed certificate that will be created by anyone on the server without any charge. Although the validation domain name is a valid part of the validation process, it is only one of the various possible controls of the SSL.

The evidence will seem to suggest that a lot of dangers are going on as a result of phishing attacks and this can be prevented by the increased use and more understanding of the of EV SSL certificates. Since the EV certificates offer authentication and are more difficult to obtain by fraud, they can definitely deter any phishing activities and will keep all web users safe.

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