Trust Building SSL Certificates for Your Website

Trust Building SSL Certificates for Your Website

Having a secure online communication is an important aspect in the world of ecommerce. From a technical view, people often tend to rely on the cryptographic protocols and most often, the Transport Layer Security, as well as its predecessor, which is the Secure Sockets Layer, also known as SSL. The SSL Certificates are responsible for certifying and identifying the encryption of the parties that are communicating with each other in the World Wide Web. The web browsers will often indicate if customers are shopping on a site that has a valid SSL Certificate and this is done by showing the green lock, as well as the “https” on the web address, which is an assurance that the site is to be trusted. Read on to find out the importance of trust building SSL Certificates for your website.

The Certificate Authority Must be Trustworthy

While the SSL protocol is definitely relevant, there are problems that you need to deal with the current Certificate Authority model. Contrary to the original notion that each and every top level domain will have two or three Certificate Authorities, hundreds of entities will now issue certificates, making it too difficult to identify the rogue CAs which are not following the proper procedures set.

Therefore, when it comes to SSL, choose the certificate authority that is trustworthy. He should be able to do a great job at verifying that the customer’s product in any material way since the consequences can greatly harm the customer of other certificate authorities.

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SSL is a Foundational Element of Security

While SSL alone will not make a website to stay secure, it is considered a foundational element of security. SSL will not protect someone from those application level issues such as XSS and SQL injection, and will not be able to patch or update the software. However, SSL will provide a very secure foundation which is important for any website. For most of the websites in the World Wide Web, SSL and the current Web PKI system can help to keep everything protected.

Can SSL Be Better

Instead of asking on whether SSL is still relevant these days, we should be asking if we can do better in protecting our website. So what are the improvements that we need to take in order to enhance the security of the current system? While experts would agree that the SL protocol comes with some problems, they know that there are several things that can be done in order to improve the security of the website by its proper implementation.

The limitations of the Certificate Authority model on the SSL implementations of the SSL are real, although the problem may have something to do with security policy issues and not much with the SSL protocol itself. SSL certificates greatly defers to their implementation, especially when it comes to the browser compatibility, and on the decisions on what certificates will be acceptable in order to establish a certain connection. Because of this, the solutions might require changing or enhancing how the browsers will decide if such site is to be trusted, but not to change the underlying protocols of SSL.

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