Tip on Installing SSL Certificate for Netscaler

Tip on Installing SSL Certificate for Netscaler

Installing SSL Certificate for Netscaler is not really that difficult as long as you follow guidelines. It may be intimidating for beginners. But, as long as you take your time in knowing the right way to install and activate your SSL Certificate, you would realize that it’s not so bad after all.

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Installing an SSL Certificate for Netscaler

Installing a certificate for Netscaler is actually pretty simple since no actual coding is required. Since Netscaler has a GUI, you just need to choose the right options and provide the necessary info to make a successful certificate installation and activation.

Read the guidelines below to know how you can install an SSL Certificate on a Netscaler Appliance.

First, you need to generate a RSA and CSR so that you can purchase an SSL Certificate from a certificate authority (CA). GoDaddy and Symantec are some of the CAs that you can purchase certificates from.

To do this, you just need to log in to your Netscaler appliance then on the Navigation panel, which is the left sidebar, click on ‘SSL’. On the right side of the window, choose ‘Create RSA key’. On the ‘Configuration’ tab, provide a name for the file as well as the size of the key. Often, the recommended size is 2048 bits.

Make sure that you selected the PEM form. Hit on the ‘Create’ button then close the window.

Now, to generate a CSR, click on the ‘Create Certificate Signing Request (CSR)’ link under SSL. You also need to provide a filename for the CSR and indicate the filename of your RSA on the Key Filename field.

Provide all the information needed, such as the domain of your site, on the window and click the ‘Create’ button. Submit the CSR to your chosen CA then download the certificate file after the validation of your request.

  • Install the certificate.

You will need to install the server certificate and create the certificate key for the SSL Certificate to work. To install the server certificate, go to Netscaler appliance then, under the ‘SSL’ page, click ‘Manage Certificate / Keys / CSRs’ o the options on the right panel.

On the ‘Manage Certificate / Keys / CSRs’ window, choose the server certificate that you need to upload then just hit the ‘Close’ button.

To generate the certificate key pair, go to the ‘SSL’ option/page again then choose the ‘Certificate’ node then click ‘Install’. You will be brought to the Certificate Key-Pair page; provide a filename then browse the certificate file and certificate key on the fields provided. After you have selected the files, just click the ‘Install’ button then ‘Close’.

You have already installed and configured the SSL Certificate for Netscaler. It’s that easy.

Make sure to check out GoDaddy and Symantec when purchasing an SSL Certificate for your Netscaler appliance. Since their offers are great and their customer support is commendable, it will be advantageous for you to choose them as your certificate authority.

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