SSL Certificate Web Hosting

SSL Certificate Web Hosting

If you want to boost your ranking in Google, then consider getting an SSL certificate web hosting. In essence, SSL Certificates are those small data files that work by digitally binding the cryptographic key within an organization’s details. If the certificate is installed on the web server, it will immediately activate the padlock. Now if you have not installed SSL certificate on your web server yet, then it’s time that you do so. Why? It’s because Google has recently released a new system of ranking with the use of SSL certificate.

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Boosting your Google Page Ranking

If you want to increase your visibility in Google even more, then one of the best tips is to increase the overall security of your site. The best way to this is with the help of the SSL Certificate web hosting. With this move, Google hopes that the World Wide Web will become a safer place for everyone. Such initiative is dubbed as “https everywhere” which Google mentioned on their recent blog post.

The move might appear unusual since Google themselves gave advice to the webmasters on how to specifically rank high on their rankings. They have recommended migrating website URLs from http to https, which is a great way to put your site on a better position in the search engine.

HostGator Offers Free Shared SSL Certificate

In line with Google’s move to rank sites based on SSL Certificates, a lot of webmasters have been searching for the best company to offer them SSL certificate. One of the best options is that of HostGator. The company is offering shared web hosting which also includes a free shared SSL Certificate. At HostGator, Shared and Reseller servers will have a shared SSL certificate that is pre installed to be used. In order to access the website using the shared certificate, you must first know the server name, cPanel user name, as well as the secure name.

Obtaining your SSL Certificate from HostGator will only require few steps. The shared hosting SSL installation as well as the domain verification process has been automated in order to save a lot of time. Buying the SSL certificate from other companies takes up a lot of time since it often involves a lot of processes.

Google Plans to Strengthen the Signal over Time

Although Google admits for now that this https ranking factor is not really that big of a deal, which affects only a fewer than one percent of the global queries, the company is planning to strengthen their signal as time goes by in order to encourage websites in adopting the SSL as well as the https as a standard practice and to keep the World Wide Web safe and secure.

This will also mean that those websites that are https ready can greatly benefit from this boost of ranking signal in the near future. Thus, if you are still not adopting the SSL and the https system, then it’s time that you do so. This will not only boost your site in Google ranking, but will also give assurance to your visitors that your site is safe.

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