Should You Serve Your Web Content With an SSL Connection?

Should You Serve Your Web Content With an SSL Connection?

The Internet can be both powerful and harmful at the same time because the information being transferred online can be accessed by other people through different means. There are malicious people who can illegally crack the information that are being exchanged on your website. These data can be credit card details, bank details and other sensitive information. With these things considered, should you serve your web content with an SSL connection?

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Fight Internet Threats with SSL

There is a big risk of conducting business in the Internet if you do not have a security measure like SSL. Thus, an Internet protocol is released to fight all the illegal activities online and these are called SSL certificates. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer which is a security tool developed by Netscape in the year 1994. It comes in many forms but its main concern is data encryption.

Encrypted links are created between browsers and servers and these links make sure that all the information being passed through the channels remains private and secured. This kind of transfer can be recognized by a secure padlock that can be seen in the browser. If you are viewing pages on the web that are over SSL, you will see that HTTPS is being used instead of the plain HTTP.

SSL Protocol for E-Commerce

This security protocol has been utilized by millions of e-commerce websites and providers from all over the world in order to secure their customers. SSL serves as a tool to ensure that all the online transactions will remain confidential. In order to use the certificate, the server requires that the SSLs are approved by CAs or Certificate Authorities. These CAs can further improve e-business as they also offer other services and products to help e-businesses develop trustworthiness.

This is due to the fact that the customers have learned to relate safety and credibility with that “golden padlock” that they can see on their browser display. This symbol is an indication that a certain website can be trusted. This simple strategy helps e-businesses to increase their trust levels so that clients who visit their site can turn into paying clients.

web content ssl from godaddySSL Certificates – When Do You Need It?

In general, SSL certificates are being used by e-business shopping carts but can be applied on anywhere most especially if you want to gather information from a user in a secured manner. It must be noted that online transactions are regarded as non-safe by most clients due to the high incidences of hacking and theft on the Internet. So, companies or businesses who utilize the Internet must have SSL certificates. Basically, you need to have SSL for the following reasons:

  • If you have an online shop and processes online orders through credit card payments
  • If you have business associates who need to log on for confidential information
  • If your business shares confidential data over the Intranet
  • If you need to comply with security requirements and you value privacy

Should you serve your web content with an SSL connection? Absolutely, it is highly needed and recommended.

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