Should I Use an Instant or Positive Private SSL Certificate?

Should I Use an Instant or Positive Private SSL Certificate?

By definition, an SSL Certificate refers to those small data files that work by digitally binding cryptographic key towards the web owner’s details. If the SSL Certificate is installed on the web server, it will activate the padlock symbol as well as the https protocol of the website, which results to a secure connection coming from the web server towards the browser.

Generally, the SSL Certificate is used to secure the customers’ credit card information and keep the data transfer and logins safe. HostGator is one of the best providers of SSL Certificates. You can choose between instant or positive private SSL Certificate. Read on to find out which of the two should you choose.

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Similarities between Instant and Private SSL Certificates

The instant SSL certificate is being offered by HostGator for $150 while the positive private SSL is being sold for $50. Both the instant SSL and private SSL certificates are registered under the domain name of the website owner. Furthermore, both of the certificates can help to prevent browser warnings.

In addition, both the instant and private SSL could trigger visual security confirmations when installed on the website. These security confirmations come in the form of lock icons as well as color coded address bars that will appear on the browser of the web user. The instant and positive private SSL certificates both come with extra add-ons for web hosting.

Differences between the Instant and Private SSL Certificates

Although instant and private SSL Certificates come with a lot of similarities, there are also differences between them. First of all, private SSL can be possibly reissued for free but the instant SSL will cost you $25 to be reissued. Secondly, the instant SSL can authenticate your domain’s WHOIS details, but this is not the case with private SSL. The private SSL can only authenticate the domain name.

Another difference is that the instant SSL includes an interactive site seal, but the private SSL only comes with static site seal. The instant SSL can also be added on to the idAuthority and this is not possible for private SSL Certificate.

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HostGator’s Comodo Warranty

All of the Comodo SSL Certificate services, including the instant and private SSL Certificates, come with a limited warranty which provides you with extra assurance that your website is totally safe for conducting an online business. Such warranty will be payable to the visitors of your site who will rely on the Comodo SSL Certificate and who will incur loss as a result of the fraudulent charges made by the holder of the Comodo issued certificate.

Such warranty will only be payable if the transaction involved to a certain amount that is higher than the maximum transaction value set for certain certificate type. In most cases, only up to a thousand dollars can be paid out for every transaction and the aggregate warranty amount that will be paid out for every SSL certificate or the payment limit is $10,000 for Positive SSL and $50,000 for instant SSL.

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