Reasons to Install a SSL Certificate on Your Website

Reasons to Install a SSL Certificate on Your Website

Before you begin having an online business, it is vital that you have an SSL certificate. SSL is also known as Secure Socket Layer and it helps you manage secured communications between a server and a web browser. It makes use of encryption to sensitive personal information like credit card numbers, passwords, logins and many others. Banks as well as other institutions use SSL to preserve the security of their website.

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Risks on the Internet

These days, the World Wide Web is getting huge and we begin to realize that it is not a safe place. There is always a danger and threats in all websites especially financial websites. As a consequence, websites and portals are being secured to avoid hackers that have the ability to access information illegally. This is one of the reasons to install a SSL certificate on your website. Use SSL encryption and install SSL certificates in your website.

SSL for E-Commerce Website Security

SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a digital certificate that provides security over e-business websites. This is already an online practice needed for you to ensure that the client’s personal information is safe. The SSL certificate encrypts data being transferred, preserve its integrity while being transmitted and decode the information conveyed only when it reaches the secured server. These are among the many reasons to install a SSL certificate on your website. This certificate is crucial for online stores since it supplies clients confidence that their personal data are safe and secure from identity thieves and hackers.

There are actually four kinds of SSL certificates such as:

  • Dedicated SSL – used in one domain only
  • Shared SSL certificate – less expensive and shared by different websites
  • Wildcard SSL – protects both main domain and sub-domains
  • Free SSL – least expensive but with security risks

In general, the more expensive the SSL certificate the more security it provides.

install godaddy ssl certificateSafeguard your website

A certain level of encryption depends on the kind of SSL certificate that you purchased, web browser and web host server’s capacity as well. Each time you open a secured domain in your browser, you are at ease that the personal data that you are reading is protected. Encryption or coding will keep credit cards and other banking information safe and well protected by turning numbers into scrawled messages. This will make it safe for everyone between the online store and the client’s credit card company.

Benefits of SSL in your E-commerce Website

  • Authentication of Web Server – When you have an SSL certificate, it presents assurance that the server you are using is legitimate. The Digital Certificate provided by Certificate Authorities ensures that the website owner’s data is transmitted and kept secure by a legit server.
  • Protection of Data – Important information such as credit card numbers, passwords and personal information are being encrypted by a certificate so they will be unreadable by others. After reaching the secured server the encrypted data will now be unscrambled.
  • Trust and Confidence – An online store that presents trustworthiness will gain more customers and buyers. It is an important issue especially for online businesses where financial transactions are being done on a daily basis. An SSL certificate provides a guarantee to customers that the website is valid and information provided will never be compromised.

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