Provide Security To Your Facebook Applications With SSL Certificates

Facebook members are free to create their own applications on this social networking website, however Facebook has recently required applications to have their own SSL certificates for members to view the Facebook Application Page. Although these SSL certificates aren’t required for members to use the basic features of Facbeook (such as messaging, comments, tagging and likes), they are required for members who want to continue using their own site or application under the Facebook domain.

There are literally tons of businesses offering SSL certificates, and there are some websites that are even giving away free SSL certificates. There are many types of SSL certificates that can be used on Facbeook pages, and people have to carefully choose the SSL certificate to be installed onto their Facebook subdomain. The prices of these SSL certificates will greatly vary on the type of SSL certificate used, and the company where the certificate was purchased.

The Best SSL Certificates For A Facebook Page or App

There are many types of SSL certificates today, and they all serve a unique purpose. These SSL certificates can be bought from various companies, and we’ve provided short SSL reviews as well as company reviews that will help you decide on which SSL certificate you think is best for your Facebook page.

  •  GoDaddy is offering Standard SSL certificates for Facebook pages.  The cheap $12.99 SSL cert from Go Daddy has worked for a lot of webmasters needing SSL for Face Book.  The Standard SSL certificates from GoDaddy can also be issued fast. GoDaddy Standard SSL certificates come with a $10,000 warranty and a free Malware scanner. One advantage of the GoDaddy Standard SSL is the price. This type of SSL certificate is currently one of the cheapest SSL certificates available in the market today. Unlike the other cheap SSL certificates, the GoDaddy Standard SSL certificate is strong and reliable since it has encryption strength of up to 256 bits. Most browsers can also recognize this specific type of certificate, and should any problem should arise from these SSL certificates, clients can easily contact the supportive and helpful customer service of GoDaddy, which can be contacted at any time of the day, and at any day of the week.

Go Daddy SSL Certificates for Facebook pages

  • The SSL certificates from RapidSSL are recommended for Facebook pages because they can easily provide security to a single domain name. The RapidSSL will even offer a full refund within 30 days of issuance. RapidSSL certificates can be issued fast, and they provide automatic domain validation processes. This type of SSL certificate also has a warranty of $10,000. The only downside with RapidSSL is that it isn’t the best SSL certificate for business apps on Facebook. It also may not be compatible with a mobile device.
  • The GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium SSL certificate is also another type of SSL certificate that is commonly used for Facebook applications or Facebook pages. The GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium will be able to provide strong security to online applications as well as online transactions. This SSL certificate can be issued fast and within 10 minutes alone. People who acquired a GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium SSL certificate will be able to receive a secure domain validation for WWW and non-WWW details. This SSL certificate is also compatible with most Internet browsers. This type of SSL certificate can even be used on a mobile device, which can be very helpful for Facebook members who wish to create safe and secure applications that can be opened on a mobile phone. The only downside with the GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium SSL certificate is that it lacks the green address bar that will guarantee visitors of the Facebook application that they are indeed visiting a secure site.
  • Owners of a Facebook application can also install a self signed certificate to their Facebook app. A self signed certificate has its own private key. While this type of SSL certificate can be used on Facebook, the Internet browser will continually pop out warnings to the visitor because the SSL certificate isn’t a trusted one. A certificate authority is the one responsible for determining if a certificate is a trusted one or not.
  • SSL Wildcard certificates are SSL certificate that is most ideal for Facebook members who wish to secure multiple sub domains. The Wildcard certificate is the SSL certificate of choice for a single domain name with unlimited servers. GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL, GoDaddy, TrustWave and Comodo are examples of companies that provide Wildcard certificates.
  • The Extended Validation SSL certificate is the newest SSL certificate offering, and is known to be the most effective one too. This type of SSL certificate is the most efficient one since it involves a rigid domain validation process. The Extended Validation SSL certificate is also the most ideal SSL certificate to be used in business or ecommerce applications on Facebook. This type of SSL certificate also comes with the green address bar. This green address bar will be able to guarantee the visitors of the application or the Facebook page that they are being protected by a heavy security system. Studies have also shown that the presence of the green address bar alone can increase the number of sales by 20%. In most SSL certificate companies, the Extended Validation SSL certificate is the most expensive certificate in their list of products. GoDaddy is an SSL certificate company that is selling one of the cheapest EV SSL certificates in the market.

Installing the SSL Certificates To Your Facebook Page or Application

During the SSL certificate transaction, clients will be required to generate a CSR code from their website or Facebook page. This CSR code will then be pasted into the box provided. Once the CSR code is confirmed, clients will be able to receive their SSL certificate via email. This SSL certificate can be installed into the Facebook application by encoding the certificate to the ‘Certificate’ field in the Facebook server administration page. The Facebook Application also has to be updated in order for the SSL certificate to take effect.


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