Pick the Best GoDaddy SSL Certificate for Your Website

Pick the Best GoDaddy SSL Certificate for Your Website

If you are into e-commerce or if you are running a website that necessitates visitors to enter confidential information, log in or conduct transactions such as shopping or getting information then you need to have a reliable SSL certificate. These certificates protect the information passing from browsers to servers, ensuring safe and secured transactions. This is made possible through encryption technology that transforms data into unreadable codes, making the information safe from interception by unauthorized individuals or companies. In such cases, Go Daddy SSL with 256 bit encryption can be the best but you have to know how to pick the best GoDaddy SSL certificate for your website.

Best GoDaddy SSL Certificate

Choosing From Standard and Premium Certificates

Basically, GoDaddy offers two types of SSL certificates such as the premium and standard. Both of these certificates offer encryption in order to protect your clients’ data and facilitate safe transactions online. However, you need to know the key differences so that you will be able to decide which one to buy.

  • Verification – When it comes to verification, both SSL requires the approval of CA or Go Daddy so that you can control the domain where the certificates are being issued for. But then, premium SSL needs a more meticulous and longer verification process.
  • Visual Cues – The main purpose of SSL is to create a secured connection and this will be identified by clients through visual cues such as the “little padlock” and the “HTTPS” in the URL. These are recognizable cues but if you purchase a premium SSL, the browser address transforms into green which provides automatic recognition, making your clients instantly aware that your website is secure and they can trust your business. The green bar is a strong indicator since businesses that have met all the industry’s high standards qualify for premium SSL.
  • Issuance Period – In actuality, GoDaddy can issue standard certificates in less than 10 minutes but premium SSL takes longer to process. It depends on how fast you comply with the requirements. Since premium SSL involves a more meticulous authentication process, it also takes more time for GoDaddy process these certificates.

These are three major factors when choosing which GoDaddy SSL certificates to go for. Essentially, small businesses as well as individual owners can perform well with standard certificates but bigger operations with more popular brands are expected to upgrade to premium SSL.

best go daddy ssl for websiteGetting the Right Certificate – Helpful Tips

There are different SSL products to choose from and GoDaddy have them all to cater to your specific needs. But in order to get the best, it is highly advised to follow these guidelines:

  • Identify the type of certificate that you wish to have.
  • Explore the different certificates Go Daddy offers and choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Take time to look at the support documentation in order to identify the customer level support that you need.
  • Verify the liability statement and policy to make sure that that the responsibility are accurately defined.
  • Make sure to validate installation and perform a test run.
  • Make comparison to get the best SSL certificates.

With all these, it is certain that you will be able to pick the best GoDaddy SSL certificate for your website.


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