New Symantec SSL Certificates Include Norton Name and Scans for Further Website Protection

symantec sslsNew Symantec SSL Certificates Include Norton Name and Scans for Further Website Protection

We all know that Symantec SSL certificates already provide a supreme level of protection to websites and their visitors. But that didn’t stop them from further upgrading their website protection intensity. New Symantec SSL certificates include Norton Name and Scans. Yes, aside from the security that you can get from Symantec SSL certificates and their malware scanners, you will also get additional protection from Norton Secured Seal. Your website will certainly be more secured because of the united protection that VeriSign and Norton will provide.

Aside from the added protection that Norton offers, there are also additional services that website owners can purchase from VeriSign that will further intensify the security and sustainability of their websites. This is great for more prominent websites that need more security and service sustainability.

symantec SSL certs

New Symantec SSL certificates Include Norton Name and Scans – Effects on Websites and Businesses

This is great news for website owners who want to increase the credibility and real protection of their websites. Aside from the effect of Norton Secured Seal on the security of their websites, website owners know that this will greatly affect the trust of their visitors to their online stores, business websites and other form of online business websites.

Increased Website Protection

Norton increased the protection given to website visitors by making sure that consumers have a safer and continuously running system. Consumers can do transactions on their selected website with ease because they are aware of the increased protection on the website.

Increased Website and Business Credibility

Because of the added protection that Norton provides, websites are gaining more credibility. Because consumers know that they can confidently transact on a website that has the VeriSign and Norton Seals, websites that have the Security Seals gained more integrity, hence, more traffic, transactions and sales.

Because of the additional services (mentioned above) that Symantec and Norton offer, consumers will be more inspired to do transactions on the secured websites. Consumers can view the additional services that website owners have purchased for their websites, thus, the former’s trust on the website will increase exponentially: which would result into successful sales conversions.

Website/Business Service Stability

Because of the added security that Norton presents, websites and businesses can rest assured that their business website’s services will be more stable and continuous. There will be no service interruptions due to various security-risk factors because of Norton’s further services: so both website owners and consumers will be convinced to do transactions on the protected websites.

Consumers want a secured place to do transactions, particularly online. Because of several malicious attacks that are happening all over the Internet, it is only normal that consumers will look for a safe place on the Internet to do transactions such as online purchases and online service payments. So if you’re planning on building a reliable business that online users will trust, make sure that you purchase an SSL certificate that offers additional protection and security to your website, whether it is an online store or a business website.

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