Instructions on How to Install GoDaddy SSL certificate in IIS6

Instructions on How to Install GoDaddy SSL certificate in IIS6

Knowing how to install GoDaddy SSL certificate in IIS6 is really not that complicated if you know what you are doing. Nonetheless, you can get through it without difficulty if you have all the necessary instructions and support that you can get from GoDaddy. Well, GoDaddy is superb in providing detailed instructions on how to do things – installations, setups and troubleshooting – the easy way so you won’t really have any problems even if you deem yourself clueless on the matter.

Best Go Daddy SSL Certificates

First Things First: Certificate Signing Request

Before you can install your GoDaddy SSL certificate, you have to create a CSR so that you can have a copy of your certificate. You can do this by generating a CSR using IIS Manager.

Next: CSR Submission to GoDaddy

After generating your CSR, you should go back to your GoDaddy account and submit your CSR. After that, you will receive your certificate copy (your SSL certificate with Intermediate Authority certificates) and installation instructions.

Best GoDaddy SSL CertificateIntermediate Certificate Installation

This is the most crucial part since it is the process where you will install your certificate to your server to be applied to your website.

  1. You have to open your Microsoft IIS6: hit ‘Start’ then press’ Run’.
  2. To open the Microsoft Management Console, type in ‘mmc’.
  3. Go to the ‘File’ menu then hit ‘Add/Remove Snap in’ then press ‘Add’.
  4. To add your Intermediate certificate, choose ‘Certificates’ on the ‘Add Standalone Snap in’.
  5. Choose ‘Computer Account’ then hit ‘Next’ on the ‘certificates Snap in’.
  6. Choose ‘Local Computer’ on the ‘Select Computer’ window then hit ‘Next’, then click ‘Close’ then ‘OK’.
  7. Expand the ‘Certificates’ folder on the ‘Console 1’: right-click the ‘Intermediate Certification Authorities’ then hover over ‘All Tasks’ then select ‘Import’ from the dropdown.
  8. Go to the ‘Certificate Import Wizard’ hit ‘Next’ then select the file that you want to upload (Intermediate Certificate).
  9. After selecting the appropriate file, press ‘Open’.
  10. Choose ‘Place all certificates in the following store’ then select the ‘Intermediate Certification Authorities’ then press ‘OK’ then ‘Next’, ‘Finish then ‘OK’.
  11. Click ‘No’ when closing the ‘Console 1’ to remove the settings.

Installing the Primary certificate

  1. On the ‘Administrative Tools’, press ‘Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager’.
  2. Expand your ‘Local Computer’ window and ‘Websites’ by pressing the ‘+’ button.
  3. After right-clicking o n your host name, select ‘Properties’.
  4. Press ‘Directory Security’ on the “Default Website Properties’ window then hit ‘Server certificate’.
  5. Hit ‘Next’ on the window of ’Welcome to the Web Server certificate Wizard’ then proceed to the ‘IIS certificate Wizard’.
  6. Choose ‘Process the pending request and install the certificate’ before clicking ‘Next’ then ‘Browse’.
  7. Select your SSL certificate copy then press “Open’ then ‘Next’.
  8. Specify your chosen website port then hit ‘Next’.
  9. Examine the ‘certificate Summary’ first before clicking ‘Next’ the ‘Finish’.
  10. You’re done!

Now, isn’t that easy? Just make sure that you choose the appropriate files and you’ll have no problems installing your SSL certificate and Intermediate Authority certificate on your Microsoft IIS6.

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