Installing WordPress Multisite SSL Certificate Using GoDaddy SSL Certificates

Installing WordPress Multisite SSL Certificate Using GoDaddy SSL Certificates

If you have a single WordPress website main domain with multiple sub-domains that you want to protect using SSL certificates but don’t want to purchase multiple SSL certificates, you can use Wildcard Certificates instead. This type of SSL certificate will allow you to secure your sub-domains using your Wildcard certificate’s sub-domains.

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WordPress Multisite SSL Certificate – GoDaddy Wildcard SSL Certificate

A Wildcard certificate will allow you to install an SSL certificate to your main website domain plus Wildcard SSL certificates to your sub-domains. GoDaddy offers Wildcard SSL certificates that you can install to unlimited sub-domains – as long as you only have one main website domain. This is great if you have multiple WordPress sub-domains that you need to protect.

This kind of WordPress multisite SSL certificate is a lot cheaper because you don’t have to purchase numerous SSL certificates for your sub-domains anymore. Also, you won’t have to go through a lot of verification procedures because you only have to go through the standard verification process that is required when purchasing a standard SSL certificate.

Best GoDaddy SSL CertificateA Wildcard SSL certificate also provides the same protection that a regular or standard SSL certificate provides so you don’t have to worry about your website’s protection just because your SSL certificate has to protect multiple website sub-domains. A Wildcard SSL certificate is specifically designed to protect multiple website domains so you can be rest assured that your website is totally secured.

GoDaddy Wildcard SSL Certificate Installation Difficulty

Installing GoDaddy’s Wildcard SSL certificate is not really that hard. After your purchase, you will receive SSL certificate Installation Tools that will guide you on how you are going to properly and quickly install your Wildcard SSL certificate. Aside from the detailed instructions that are readily provided along with your SSL certificate copy, you can also contact their support that are on standby round the clock to assist you during the whole certificate installation process.

GoDaddy Wildcard SSL Certificate Extent of Protection

GoDaddy Wildcard SSL certificate can protect all of the sub-domains that you have specified. Just make sure that they are accurate sub-domains of your main website domain. Make sure that the sub-domains that you are including in your Wildcard SSL certificate protection follow the format that you have indicated on your main domain. You should keep in mind that you should specifically specify the levels of sub-domains that you want to protect since this is crucial for the protection process. There are examples that you can find on GoDaddy so this won’t be hard. You can also ask for their support’s assistance whenever you are having difficulties in configuring your sub-domains.

Purchasing a GoDaddy Wildcard SSL certificate is a smart choice especially if you are just starting out your WordPress website and are planning on extending it by creating sub-domains. You can apply your certificate on your main website domain first even if you still don’t have sub-domains then add sub-domains later when you are finally done creating and publishing them on your WordPress website. This way, you will not have to revoke your current standard SSL certificate (if you have purchased one) and purchase a new Wildcard SSL certificate to add to your main domain and sub-domains in the future.

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