Installing a SSL Certificate for b2evolution Website

Installing a SSL Certificate for b2evolution Website

Installing a SSL Certificate for b2evolution website is a good step in securing your website and your users. Depending on where you would want to buy your certificate and where you host your website, installation may follow different procedures.

Having knowledge on how to install an SSL Certificate on a b2evolution website from different providers will be a good skill as this will help you handle installation, activation and renewal of your certificate without worries.

Installing an SSL Certificate on Your b2evolution Website

If you have purchased your certificate from GoDaddy or Symantec, which are your best bets when it comes to SSL Certificates, you need to follow the guideline below to install the cert to your server so that your b2evolution website will be accessed using the HTTPS protocol:

  • Generate a CSR Code and download your certificate files.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is to purchase your certificate. And to do that, you need to generate a CSR Code and have your domain validated by the certificate authority of your choice so that you will receive your SSL Certificate file.

Godaddy is a great option for reliable, cheap SSL certs.  Get the best price.

Make sure that you provide all the info needed to generate your CSR Code. The domain name where the SSL Certificate will be used should also be indicated as well as other details about your website, including the location.

You will receive the cert files on the email address that you have provided, which you should download and keep in a safe place. You will need to install it on your server later and activate it by configuring Apache.

  • Configure Apache to use your certificate.

After installing your certificate files on your server, you need to configure Apache so that it will listen to port 443. This will enable your server to process all requests using the HTTPS protocol. To do this, you need to edit your config file on /etc/apache2/ports.conf and add the line below:

NameVirtualHost *:443

Ensure that you restart Apache so that the changes will be applied. This should enable you to access your b2evolution website through HTTPS protocol, including your admin pages and sessions as this will enable a site-wide certificate protection.

To restart Apache, use the code below:

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload

After the restart, you should be able to access your b2evolution website through HTTPS protocol.

When installing a SSL Certificate for b2evolution website, make sure that you keep your CSR Code, certificate key and certificate files in a safe place for easy and secure access. You should also back up your website to prevent data loss when something goes wrong during the installation process.

Be sure to check the right kind of certificate that you need to for website. Domain Validation certificates are often the type required for single domain protection, which will not take too long to purchase as certificate authorities often take less than a week to validate domain ownership for certificate issuance. Check GoDaddy and Symantec for their certificate types and deals to benefit from their great prices and round the clock customer support.

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