How to Use Your GoDaddy SSL Certificate With a New Web Hosting Account

How to Use Your GoDaddy SSL Certificate With a New Web Hosting Account

There is a lot of information that can be transferred between computers and the web host when a user visits a website. But then, there is also a chance that these data will be hacked or stolen by unauthorized individuals or companies. To protect your business, you should make use of SSL certificates to show your customers that your online business can be trusted. There can be plenty of choices when it comes to these certificates but one that can be truly trusted are GoDaddy SSL certificates that are cheaper and easier to manage and install.

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The Roots of SSL Certificates

These days, a great number of websites have been using SSL certificates. You may have an idea that it is a security tool; you may still miss some of its roots or essential features. Basically, SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which is a kind of cryptographic protocol that offers security during information transfer over the web and computers.

These certificates like the ones from Go Daddy make use of the most advanced encryption technology to facilitate secured transfer of information. It is actually a means to prove the web server’s identity to browsers. When it is proven, the transactions can continue and both ends can engage in private communications through HTTPS protocol.

These certificates are controlled by CAs or Certificate Authorities that authenticate websites to determine whether a connection can be trusted. GoDaddy is a major CA so it is a good thing that you can actually move your Go Daddy SLL into one web hosting account to another. But how is it done?

how to use a go daddy ssl certificateUsing GoDaddy SSL for Another Web Host

You may always opt to change your web host every now and then on a dedicated server or VPS and this can be on a shared account. By doing this, you may also have to move your SSL as well. There are web host providers that will let you do so but there are some who will require you to install a new SSL from their company which could mean additional expenses on your part. These certificates can be almost the same and if you think you have the best like GoDaddy, then keep it. But you’re probably wondering how to use your GoDaddy SSL certificate with a new web hosting account. Here’s how:

  1. Create A CSR or Customer Signing Request – This can be done by logging into your web host manager and choose SSL then proceed with generating CSR. It is important to keep your SSL domains unchanged.
  2. Log In To GoDaddy Account – You can really find it beneficial to use Go Daddy due to their excellent customer support. So, once you are logged in to your account, click re-key and paste the CSR you have generated, then submit and download the files.
  3. Open SSL Certificate in Word or Notepad then click on Copy – You can do this by unzipping the SSL certificate. The one that should be opened is the one with the “gd_bundle” or the one that says “Begin Certificate”.
  4. Install The SSL and Setup – Go to your web host manager and then click SSL, and choose install SSL certificate and proceed with setting up the domain.

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