How to Setup a SSL Certificate in IIS 6

How to Setup a SSL Certificate in IIS 6

Setting up a SSL Certificate in IIS 6 is not that hard. Although the process may seem complicated at first, it is really not that confusing. You just need to know how to setup a SSL Certificate in IIS 6 the proper way so that you will avoid problems and errors that can cause you headaches in the future. If you want to know more about it, read on.

iis 6 ssl certSSL Certificate Installation and Setup

Here’s how you can install and set up your SSL Certificate on IIS 6 the easy and simple way.

  • Download

Before you can install your certificate on IIS 6, you need to download it. Check your email and look for the email of the certificate authority where you bought your certificate from. They will either send you a link on where to download your files or they will attach the files directly onto your email.

Once you found where to download the certificate files, download it and save it somewhere safe. It would be best to create a folder that contains only your certificate files so that you can be sure that they are easily accessible and they will not be mistakenly deleted.

  • Installation

Now, after you have successfully downloaded your certificate file, you can now go to the IIS Manager and choose the local computer by double-clicking it. Then, select the ‘Web Sites’ folder by also double-clicking it.

Look for the website that you want to install your SSL Certificate on and right click on it. Click the ‘Properties’ option on the drop-down menu then choose the ‘Directory Security’ tab. On the ‘Secure Communications’ section, choose ‘Server Certificate’ by clicking on it. When you see the ‘Welcome to the Web Server Certificate Wizard’ window, click ‘Next’.

Choose Process the pending request and install the certificate’ then hit ‘Next’. Locate your certificate file, which has a filename ‘your_domain_com.cer’, then hit ‘Next’.

Before reviewing the Certificate Summary, verify that the port is Port 443 located at the SSL Port dialogue box then click ‘Next’. Hit the ‘Finish’ button to complete the installation.

  • Setup

Before the installation and setup process is complete, you need to go again to IIS 6’s ‘Properties’ by right-clicking on IIS 6. Then, hit the ‘Web Site’ tab. After that, go to ‘Web Site Identification’ page to ensure that the site that you are installing the SSL Certificate at has an IP address. Websites that don’t have dedicated IP addresses will not be able to use SSL Certificates. Also, ensure that the port is 443 before hitting the ‘OK’ button.

After the installation process and the setup of your certificate, you need to use certificate installation checkers to ensure that your SSL Certificate was properly and successfully installed. You can also view your own website on your browser to see if there are any problems regarding your SSL Certificate. If you are facing any issues regarding your certificate, don’t hesitate to call for help by contacting customer support so that the issue can be addressed immediately.

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