How To Renew an SSL Certificate and Why You Should Buy SSL Certificates for as Long as Possible

How To Renew an SSL Certificate and Why You Should Buy SSL Certificates for as Long as Possible

Clients and online business owners will definitely feel better about their transactions if there is trust. On the web, trust can be obtained by building your business reputation and security through SSL certificates. These digital certificates encrypt data and make sure that all data passing through the server and browser are secured. The role of SSL certificates is very important to business websites and as a business owner online you must know how to make the most out of your SSL certificates.

Renew Go Daddy SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates – What Can it Do?

Basically, “http” is the standard protocol that browsers make use to communicate with the servers. These are seen at the beginning of the web address such as “http://www”.  Essentially, the “http” part is already assumed as this is an automatic part but for websites with added security you will find “https”. The added security is attributed to SSL certificates which do two important things:

  • Data encryption – This technology makes it possible to protect all data passing through the channels so that no one can intercept the data being transferred to and from browsers and servers.
  • Website authentication – SSL certificates prove that a certain website is owned by a legitimate entity.

In essence, “https” is http and SSL combined. This means that a certain web page makes use of SSL to encrypt information and authenticate online sites. The existence of these certificates can be confirmed by the little padlock as well as the site seal and green address bar in case you are using EV or Extended Validation certificate.

renew godaddy ssl certificateSSL Certificate Installation and Renewal

Purchasing and installing SSL certificates is not a difficult task because you just have to follow series of simple steps. Basically, these are the general steps that should be taken:

  • Choose the file that contains your SSL certificate and save it to your server.
  • From “file”, choose start>tools> services manager and left click on the name of the server.
  • Under the “security” section, select server certificates and then click CSR request.
  • Choose the previously saved file and enter a name for the certificate and then click on the “ok” button.

These are the simple steps that should be followed when installing certificates. But then, these are issued only for a specific period of time which can last from six months to four years. Once the certificate expires, the browser will receive alerts that the website is no longer valid. Thus, you need to know how to renew an SSL certificate.

Basically, the renewal of certificates involves the same process with the original process so it can be a hassle to renew certificates each time. With this, it will be best to purchase certificates or renew for the longest periods allowed. This is not only convenient but is also economical since you can get huge discounts when purchasing for long periods.  This is mainly why you should buy SSL certificates for as long as possible.

Most importantly, it is most recommended to renew certificates in advance so that you can have it ready before the actual date of expiration.


How To Renew an SSL Certificate – Why Buy SSL Certificates for Multiple Years

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