How to Make Your WordPress Site SSL HTTPS Enabled

How to Make Your WordPress Site SSL HTTPS Enabled

Knowing how to make your WordPress site SSL HTTPS enabled is important especially if you own an ecommerce site. Having sign-up forms or pages and login pages on your WordPress site will also require an SSL Certificate. But, some website owners, particularly beginners, are afraid of SSL Certificate due to the installation and setup required.

Fortunately, making your WordPress site HTTPS enabled is not as complicated now as before. All you need is to purchase a certificate from GoDaddy or Symantec, which are some of the best choices, upload it on your server and use a WordPress plugin to help you activate the certificate. It is that simple nowadays.

Godaddy is a great option for reliable, cheap SSL certs.  Get the best price.

Enabling HTTPS on your WordPress Website

To make things easier for you, below is a guideline on how you can use Really Simple SSL plugin to activate your SSL Certificate on your WordPress site:

  • Purchase your certificate.

First things first, you need to purchase a certificate before getting on with the setup. Go to GoDaddy or Symantec and buy an SSL Certificate that you need.

If you require a simple SSL for your site, you should purchase a Domain Validation certificate. If you are installing one for an organization website, you may need to purchase an Extended Validation SSL.

After a couple of hours, if you are buying a DV certificate, you can check the status and download it if it is already available.

  • Upload the certificate on your server.

Log in to your server and upload the certificate files. Of course, you will need to create a new folder or directory where you can store it, which is fairly simple. You just need to upload the files and then install the WordPress plugin to activate it.

  • Install the Really Simple SSL plugin.

Log in to your WordPress account, look for the Really Simple SSL plugin and install it. Activate the plugin and open it so that you can activate your SSL Certificate.

You have to check the status of your new plugin to activate the certificate that you just purchased and uploaded. Now, go to ‘Settings’ on your dashboard then choose ‘SSL or Plugins. At the ‘Installed Plugins’ category, look for ‘Really Simple SSL’ plugin. Click on the ‘Settings’ link and you will be brought to the Almost ready to migrate SSL’ page.

There, click the ‘Go ahead, activate SSL!’ button and you’re good to go. Your SSL Certificate is already active and your WordPress site is already HTTPS enabled.

After activating the plugin and your SSL Certificate, check your WordPress site if it is already accessible through HTTPS. The plugin should be able to manage your internal links as well, which means that your entire site, and not just your homepage, is protected with SSL and will be accessed via HTTPS.

Check GoDaddy and Symantec for the best SSL Certificate deals. Since you already know how to use a certificate for your WordPress site without any problems, it’s time to secure your website as well as your users.


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