How to Install GoDaddy SSL Certificate ASA 5505

How to Install GoDaddy SSL Certificate ASA 5505

When you need to install GoDaddy SSL Certificate ASA 5505, you will need to create a CSR to be able to purchase the certificate. Then, using ASDM, you can install the certificate files to be able to use GoDaddy’s SSL and protect your website.

Installing a GoDaddy SSL Certificate on ASA 5505 through ASDM is not really that hard. Since it is a GUI tool, you won’t need to do a lot of coding in this project. It will allow you to have a certificate on your server without running a lot of commands and copying and pasting a lot of code, which is more convenient than other means. Hence, installing certificates will not take too long when you use ASDM on your ASA 5505 installation.

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Installing a GoDaddy SSL Certificate on ASA 5505 via ASDM

Creating a Certificate Signing Request will be your first step in having a certificate. Then, you need to use ASDM to make things easier on your part. Follow the steps below to successfully purchase and install a GoDaddy SSL Certificate on ASA 5505.

Before you can purchase an SSL Certificate, you need to generate a CSR first. Make sure that you have provided all the information needed for the certificate processing, including the domain name of your website.

Submit the CSR to GoDaddy and wait for the validation of your domain. Check your GoDaddy account to see the status of your request and download the cert files once they are available.

  • Install the SSL Certificate files thru ASDM.

Using ASDM will make the installation easier as this will enable you to upload and activate the cert files without coding. This will make things faster and more convenient, especially if you are not used in running commands.

Open ASDM and select ‘Configuration’. Then, go to ‘Device Management’. Click on ‘Certificate Management’ then choose ‘CA Certificates’. Hit on ‘Add’ then choose the file that you have downloaded from GoDaddy – gd_intermediate.crt file. Click on ‘Add’.

Once again, open ASDM and go to ‘Configuration’. Navigate to ‘Device Management’ then look for ‘Certificate Management’. Click on ‘Identity Certificate’ the hit on ‘Browse’. Choose your PFX file and type in the password that you have created in making the PFX file before hitting on ‘Create Certificate’.

On ‘Device Management’, hit the ‘Advanced’ button then click on ‘SSL Settings’. On the ‘Certificates’ section, choose your selected interface then hit on ‘Edit’. Choose your SSL Certificate on ‘Primary Enrolled Certificate’ drop down. Apply your selected settings, save it and you’re done.

When installing your certificate, make sure that you keep all the downloaded files on a secured folder. Include the passwords and the information about your website that you have provided in creating your CSR and in configuring your files in the folder. This way, you can restart over again when something goes wrong.

Of course, you also need to include the files of your website just to be on the safe side. This will allow you to get your website back up again when there are errors on your installation and your website was altered improperly.

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