How to Have Multiple Domains Enabled SSL certificate in Shared Hosting

How to Have Multiple Domains Enabled SSL certificate in Shared Hosting

If you want to have multiple domains enabled SSL certificate in shared hosting, you should do so using UC or Unified Communications Certificate. Because UC Certificates provide certificate protection to multiple website domains, they can be applied to domains that are being hosted on a shared account.

Because of the reason that a domain on a shared hosting plan’s IP should be changed when an SSL certificate is being applied, it is best to just use a UCC Certificate instead of a Standard Single Domain SSL certificate. Because all of the IPs of the remaining domains that are being hosted on the said hosting account would also be affected, it is best to just get them all protected.

Multiple Domains Enabled SSL certificate in Shared Hosting

Best Go Daddy SSL Certificates

Use UC SSL Certificates and Not Standard Certificates

From the start, it is best to purchase a UC SSL certificate instead of a Standard SSL certificate that can only protect the main domain of your website if you have multiple website domains on your shared hosting plan. Because the SSL certificate application will affect all of the IPs of all of the domains on the shared hosting plan, it is best to get them all protected to avoid any further problems. You have to do this using the same certificate that you used in protecting your main domain; which means, you really have to use a UC SSL certificate.

Best GoDaddy SSL CertificateGoDaddy’s UC SSL certificates are great SSL certificates that can protect all of your domains on a shared server using a single certificate. You can have five or more domains protected using this UC SSL certificate without having the need to purchase individual certificates that could cost a lot.

You will get Installation Tools and 24/7 support from GoDaddy so you can make all of your website domains up and running in no time. You can easily ask for assistance before and during your SSL certificate installation process so you don’t have to worry about being stuck up on a sticky setup situation.

No Feared Downtime during SSL certificate Installation and IP Switch

Because enabling one or all of your domains to have SSL certificates will change the IP address of your domains, you might think that your websites will experience some downtime due to the IP change. Don’t worry, whether you are purchasing your SSL certificates from the hosting company that you are already using or purchasing an SSL certificate from a third party, like GoDaddy, your domain server will make your domains’ IPs to be active during the SSL certificate installation phase. Meaning, you will avoid the feared downtime of your websites because your domain IPs will remain active until they have been changed after the SSL certificate installation.

GoDaddy’s UC SSL certificate will be implemented on your domains as soon as you have successfully set your certificate so your domains get to be instantly protected – much faster than the IP switch of your domains from the old one to the new one.


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