How to Get Your eCommerce Business Website Safe During the Holiday Season

How to Get Your eCommerce Business Website Safe During the Holiday Season

The holidays are just less than a hundred days away and it is beyond doubt the jolliest season of the year. But then, it is also the time for online merchants to ensure that their websites are prepared to cater to clients. Now, the big question is – how to get your eCommerce business website safe during the holiday season? There are a lot of ways to help these online businesses during the increased online shopping spree the entire holiday season. So if you are into eCommerce here are some helpful tips on how to prepare your business for the holiday rush.

Best Go Daddy ecommerce SSL Certificates

The Power of SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are very powerful security tools to safeguard sensitive information that are being transferred online during online transactions. The use of SSL is very significant due to the high incidences of cyber attacks that place users’ confidential information at great risk. The process of encryption as provided by these certificates ensures data protection. However, not all businesses use high end encryption tools when conducting data transfer online.

Hence, in order to offer better protection, online businesses should make use of SSL certificates for all their websites that require sensitive information such as financial and personal details from their customers.

Make Trust Mark Highly Visible

Most of the time, consumers are not aware who is behind the online website they are visiting so they tend to look for proofs that these are legal businesses. This is mostly the case if you are running a business online since you may lack trust recognition. Thus, to increase your online business trust and confidence levels, it is highly advised to have trust marks highly visible.

What are these trust marks? Usually, these are third party trust markers that acts like a secured seal when checking out purchased items. These are the dynamic and authentic images that are linked to a real time tracker that tells which business purchased the seal and the CA or Certificate Authority that issued it.

ecommerce go daddy ssl certificateLook For the Green Address Bar

Green isn’t just a Christmas color.  Having an SSL certificate is a good start but you can upgrade to EV SSL or Extended Validation certificate which is a very valuable tool to prevent cyber crimes from happening. Social engineering have almost made it really impossible to detect fake links, websites and emails but by employing the EV SSL, you can easily gain trust from users since this kind of certificate transforms the address bar to green which means that the website is legitimate. This serves as a visual indication that the site can be trusted, making it easier to attract customers.

Block Malware Infections and Malicious Codes

Another great way on how to get your eCommerce business website safe during the holiday season is to ensure that your website is safe from malware by employing automated malware scanning as well as vulnerability check. Being able to blacklist infected sites can easily protect visitors and your business. The success of your site depends on the trust that your visitors give to your site so make sure that your ads are safe by keeping it free from threats online.


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