How To Get an SSL Certificate and the Validation Process Involved

How To Get an SSL Certificate and the Validation Process Involved

How to get an SSL certificate and what is the validation process? It’s easy to see why a lot of people are asking. These days, cyber crimes are on the rise making clients highly vulnerable to attacks. Hence, if you are a business website owner, it is your responsibility to make your clients feel that they are completely secured with your transactions. With this, you need to take extra measures such as employing SSL certificates so that essential information passing through the channels will not fall to scammers and fraudsters. One of the leading providers of SSL certificates is Go Daddy so if you wish to have these certificates on your website it is important to know how to get an SSL certificate and the validation process.

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SSL Application and Validation Process

The life cycle of GoDaddy certificates is very easy to understand and this begins with the application and validation process. In this stage, your SSL application will be evaluated by conducting the following:

  • Your account information will be matched against the data on WHOIS database to make sure that the domain name that will be protected by the certificate is accurate.
  • Evaluating your business licenses and other credentials.
  • GoDaddy will call your business to make sure that your application is legal and the individual who initiated the process has the power to do so.
  • They can ask for further information or even deny applications due to inaccuracies and discrepancies.
  • If all the information has been approved and validated they can proceed with issuance and installation of certificates.

how to get go daddy ssl certificateThe SSL Installation Process

Once your business has been thoroughly evaluated, the installation of the certificate can begin. The process of how to get an SSL certificate including the validation process involves the following:

  1. Log on to your server and go to control panel.
  2. Select “domains”  on the menu options and then choose the domain name that you applied certificate for in case you have several domains on your server
  3. Choose “certificates” from the menu and make use of the server file selector to search for the SSL certificate and then choose “send file” which will aid in the installation of certificate.
  4. Pick the name of the certificate on the menu and choose text. Press Ctrl + C on the keyboard and click on “CA certificate”.
  5. Paste the contents of the certificate to the “CA Certificate” by pressing Ctrl + V and then selecting the “send” button.
  6. Choose “up level” twice and go to the field of SSL certificate to choose the certificate that you uploaded from CA then proceed with “home” button.
  7. Select the “service management” option and these start and stop your server to complete your SSL installation.

Reissuance of SSL Certificates

Occasionally, there may be a need to reissue SSL certificates just like when you need to move the business to another web server. This may also be necessary if you need to modify your server’s software. Other than these, you will also have to modify SSL if you wish to change business name, address and other essential information about your business and if you choose to move to another web hosting company. If you know how to install Go Daddy certificates you will not a hard time with reissuance.



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