How to Get a Premium EV SSL Certificate from GoDaddy

Best GoDaddy SSL CertificateHow to Get a Premium EV SSL Certificate from GoDaddy

Extended Validation or EV SSL certificates are SSL certificates that only a few entities can acquire. Because it is not that easily available to the general public/Internet users, you should fulfill the following requirements before thinking of knowing how to get a premium EV SSL certificate from GoDaddy.

  • EV SSL certificates are acquirable only in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.
  • Corporations that are lawfully registered with a status similar or equivalent to a “Good Standing” or “Active” status are allowed to purchase EV SSL certificates.
  • Business units such as DBAs, sole proprietorship, general partnerships and unincorporated associations are allowed to purchase EV SSL certificates.

Note: Public schools and government entities cannot be issued with EV SSL certificates.

Now that you are aware of the requirements to purchase an EV SSL certificate and think that you have fulfilled them, you can now purchase your EV SSL certificate. Here are some helpful steps on how to get a premium EV SSL certificate from GoDaddy.

Gather the Requirements

Purchasing it is not that simple. There are some requirements that you have to submit before you can purchase your SSL certificate so make sure that you got them all ready before starting.

  • Related jurisdiction information about your enterprise is required.
  • Information about your company such as the number of your registration and the agent that handled it is also required so better make them handy.
  • Get a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from you server – if you are hosting your website from a server that’s dedicated – beforehand.


Now that you have the requirements, you can now purchase it. Below is the process on how to purchase your own EV SSL certificate.

  1. Go to GoDaddy and purchase Premium SSL certificate credit.
  2. After purchasing, log on to your ‘Account Manager’ and select ‘SSL certificates’ from ‘My Products’.
  3. After you have chosen which Premium EV SSL certificate that you want to use, click ‘Use Credit’.
  4. Choose the credit that you’re going to use for activation then click ‘Continue’.
  5. After waiting for about a minute, click on refresh on your browser and look for your new certificate on ‘New Certificate’.
  6. Click ‘Manage Certificate’ and agree to the ‘Subscriber Agreement’ if it is your first SSL certificate purchase.
  7. Click the ‘Credits’ folder then click ‘Request Certificate’ next the certificate you want to use.
  8. Click on your type of business and choose the right type of hosting for your SSL certificate.
  9. Choose the organization that will be issuing the certificate that you want then click ‘Next’.
  10. You have to fill in the remaining necessary information to complete your application.

Make sure that you don’t skip a part because your application won’t go through and if it does, it won’t be processed anyway. After doing these things, all you need to do is wait. An expert will assess your request and assist you in submitting additional requirements if needed so make sure to stay updated to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

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