How to Fix Issues Related to a Readynas Certificate

Best GoDaddy SSL CertificateHow to Fix Issues Related to a Readynas Certificate

Readynas uses its self-signed certificate so some browsers, like IE7, might not accept or trust it. When browsing your website, a Readynas certificate error message might appear, particularly if you’re using Internet Explorer 7 or Windows Vista so it’s best to fix this yourself by following the steps below.

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To get rid of the error message that you are getting from Readynas certificate, you need to examine your certificate first then install the certificate on your Internet Explorer 7 so that the latter will accept it and not show any more warning or error messages in the future. You can do this by following the steps below:

  • Left click on the ‘Certificate Error’ on the address bar.
  • Click ‘View Certificate’ and see if the ‘Issued to:’ and current IP are different. If they are different, navigate FrontView/Services/Standard_Flle_protocol.
  • Click the ‘Generate new key’ button under the ‘HTTPS’ service.
  • Indicate an ‘SSL key host’ that matches with your Readynas’ IP then click the ‘Generate’ button.
  • Close your Internet Explorer 7 then reconnect your FrontView.
  • After that, you can now install the certificate into Internet Explorer 7. Just go to the ‘View Certificate’ on the ‘Error Certificate’ address bar and choose ‘Certificate Import Wizard’.
  • After the certificate has been successfully installed on your Internet Explorer 7, you should never be shown an error message in the future.
  • You can check if the setup was successful by browsing your Readynas using your Internet Explorer 7 again.

If you are using Window Vista, you need to go under a slightly different process because it operates differently from Window XP. You will follow the same general process of installing the Readynas certificate though there are some additional configuration options that you have to specify.

  • Unlike in Window XP, where you don’t need to deliberately indicate that Readynas is a ‘Trusted Zone’, you need to indicate that Readynas is a ‘Trusted Zone’ if you are using Windows Vista so that you can view the ‘Install Certificate’.
    • You can do this by going to Internet Explorer 7’s ‘Internet Options’ under ‘Tools’.
    • Go to ‘Security Tab’ and choose ‘Trusted Sites’.
    • Under ‘Sites’, add the URL of your Readynas to make sure that it will be recognized by IE7 as a ‘safe site’.
  • Also, you need to identify the following options while setting up the Readynas certificate on the ‘Certificate Import Wizard’:
    • ‘Place all certificates in the following store’ radio button
    •  ‘Trusted Root Certification Authorities’

After you have set up the above options, you should now be able to install the certificate to get rid of the error massage in the future.

Note:  You have to force the certificates into the ‘Trusted Certificates’ folder when installing the certificate on your Internet Explorer 7. If you are not going to do so, it will not be placed under the ‘Trusted Certificates’ folder and you will still get error messages in the future.

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