How to Create a Hacker Free Wi-Fi Security

How to Create a Hacker Free Wi-Fi Security

Google has recently announced that they will be giving a search ranking boost for all sites that were secured with an https URL. Https everywhere, which is also called the “Always on SSL”, is that process of securing your website with the Secure Sockets Layer Certificate. This process gives users an encrypted and constant connection the whole time that they are browsing through your site.

Furthermore, the Always on SSL project of Google is considered as the best security practice for some time by the Online Trust Alliance as well as Microsoft. Currently, there are several big companies that have already implemented this and this includes Facebook, PayPal and of course, Google. Security experts also consider this move as one of the best ways to have a hacker free Wi-Fi security.

Crucial to Online Security

A lot of those who are experts in security believe that Google is implementing the Always on SSL project for one obvious reason – to keep everything online safer and more secure. They believe that enabling the https on all websites is crucial to online security as well as data privacy. And although SSL is better known as a lightweight ranking signal when it comes to Google’s search algorithm, Google has assured everyone that the weight will increase as soon as the webmasters will have enough time to migrate their websites towards https.

As with any other SEO ranking factor that Google has introduced, the first websites that follow the recommendation of Google and migrated to AOSSL must receive the most excellent long term results.

Are you Ready for Security Threats?

A lot of people in the world of ecommerce have been talking about security threats lately. But the truth is that these threats have already been here and they are just lurking somewhere. There have been several recent attacks concerning online security, including the light bulb password leaks as well as the hacks of the Foscam baby monitors. Another example is the hacking of the Belkin home automation systems as well as the system of smart cars. All these are pretty alarming and could certainly drive away potential customers away from your business.

How the devices connect has certainly changed the way we work and live. These devices have been bringing a lot of new threats right within our front door. Unfortunately, there are still several device developers that were not thinking of the security implications of the unsecured and smart devices.

Building Strong Wi-Fi Security

Hackers will often try to look for the weakest link within a network before they will begin to attack. If web users will not realize such weak link, this can actually put your Wi-Fi device at risk. There have been a lot of articles and online resources that were created which focused on the secret back doors about that configuration on Wi-Fi devices that allow hackers to be able to take advantage of the system. But then, according to security experts, most Wi-Fi security problems often come from the failure to follow some of the best security practices in using Wi-Fi.

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