How to Configure MIS IIS SSL Certificate

How to Configure MIS IIS SSL Certificate

After installing your SSL certificate on your MIS IIS, you should configure your SSL Certificate so that it will be able to protect your connection. You should know how to configure MIS IIS SSL Certificate so that you will have no problems on your connection and you will be able to have it protected. Failing to properly configure your SSL Certificate will result in ineffectiveness, which will lead your connection to be vulnerable to various attacks. Thus, you should follow a guide, especially if it is your first time installing and configuring an SSL Certificate to MIS IIS.

During the installation process, it would be helpful to have a printed instruction on how to properly install and configure an SSL Certificate so that you won’t face any problems during the configuration process. Make sure that you read and understand the guide first before printing it and following it so that you can be sure that you are following an accurate guideline.

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Configuring SSL Certificate on MIS IIS

Here is a simple guideline on how you can configure your already installed SSL Certificate on MIS IIS.

  • Configuring SSL Certificate on MIS IIS 4.0

If you have an MIS IIS 4.0 version, you can follow the instruction below:

    • Got to ‘Internet Server’ then open ‘Key Manager’.
    • On the window, choose the Key where your SSL Certificate has been installed.
    • Right-click on the Key where your certificate is then select ‘Properties’. A new window will appear.
    • On ‘Server Binding’ window, hit ‘Add’.
    • Provide the IP Address of the website that you want to protect. But if you only have a single website to secure, you can leave the default option ‘All UN-assigned’.
    • Choose ‘Port Number’ then type in ‘443’ as the port number that you want to use then hit ‘OK’.
    • Choose ‘Commit Changes Now’ at the ‘Computers’ menu then confirm the command by selecting ‘Yes’.
  • Configuring SSL Certificates on MIS IIS 5.0, MIS IIS 5.1 and MIS IIS 6.0

If you have the versions 5.0, 5.1 and 6.0 of MIS IIS, you should follow the guidelines below:

  • Go to the ‘Web Site’ tab, then enter the IP Address of the website that you want to secure. You can also leave the default setting ’All UN-assigned’ if you only have one website that you want to protect.
  • Once you have provided the needed IP Address, click the ‘Advanced’ button then make sure that the port is under ‘Multiple SSL identities for this Website’ and you’re done.

Now that you know how to configure MIS IISL SSL Certificate, you can rest assured that your website is protected from any attacks that hackers, malwares and viruses will cause. Just make sure that it is properly configured. You can see if the website is protected by looking at the address bar. It should be green, for Extended Validation SSL Certificates, and should have a security padlock at the address bar; green for EV SSL Certificates and gold for standard certificates.

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