How Google Uses SSL Certificate HTTPs URL to Rank Websites

How Google Uses SSL Certificate HTTPs URL to Rank Websites

Google has recently launched a new ranking system and this makes use of the SSL Certificate HTTPs URL. This process is said to have been implemented in order to persuade website owners to migrate their websites from http to https. There have been a lot of concerns when Google has started implementing this and many are not happy with the process that one would have to take during the migration process. But before you come up with any conclusion, it is best to understand how this process works. Thus, this article will talk about how Google uses SSL Certificate HTTPs URL to rank websites.

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HTTPS Ranking Signal is Run in Real Time

Unlike the Panda and Penguin algorithms that you are probably familiar with, the ranking system is being run real time. The moment that Google will index your new https URL, such URL will immediately have a ranking boost. But this does not mean that you will see your rankings jump from five to four, although this could happen behind the scenes and will have a tiny boost in the overall ranking system.

Ranking Signal Is a Per URL Basis

If you have decided to transfer some parts of your site to https while other parts have remained as http, Google will give the boost to the ones with the https only and ignore the http. This is because the signal will be done in a per URL basis and not as a site wide. Google certainly wants you to transfer your entire site. But if you want to do it in stages to test out, then you can do so.

Change of Address Tool is Not Supported

If you ever move your site from http to https, Google recommends the use of the change of address tool that you can find within the Webmaster Tools in Google. However, with the migration, you cannot make use of the tool since it is not compatible. The change of address tool does not support the https migration just yet. It has not been reported when Google will start to support such tool.

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Google News Publishers Can Switch To HTTPS

There is also a major concern on how the Google News index will be different from the usual Google web index. However, Google has said that the process of migration of the websites included on the Google News will not encounter any issues. It will simply have to go through the normal process of migration and Google News will accept these changes.

According to Google, https is definitely fine for Google News. If you notice any bugs or any issues as a result of the migration, simply inform the Google News team about it. Currently, you will find that there are several sites in Google News that are on https and the number is expected to increase.

Some webmasters have thought that the https ranking is part of the Panda algorithm. However, this is not actually the case, because the https ranking system is a standalone signal and is independent from any kind of ranking system of Google.

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