How Does a Green Address Bar Help With Online Internet Sales?

How Does a Green Address Bar Help With Online Internet Sales?

Want to know how does a green address bar help with online Internet sales? Find out below.

If you want to earn the trust of your website visitors, and turn them into customers, you need to show that your website is secured. Also, you need to prove that your business is legitimate so that more customers will trust your website, and you have to do that within seconds.

Because Internet users look for secured websites, you need to make sure that you show how protected your website is; so that your visitors will stay on your page and do transactions on your online shop. And because Internet users tend to get bored and frustrated pretty easily, you have to show your website’s security proof the moment that they have landed onto your web page.

The good news is you can do that. With the help of Extended Validation SSL Certificates, you can turn your address bar green to show that your business is legitimate and your website is secured.

But how does a green address bar help with online Internet sales? Well, that is a question that is not that hard to answer.

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How Extended Validation SSL Certificates Increase Sales

EV SSL Certificates are the highest form of security that websites can have. Because of the bit strength and key length of Extended Validation SSL Certificates, it is nearly impossible for third parties to intercept with the transmission of information of websites and Internet users. The indication that a website is protected with an SV SSL Certificate is a green address bar and security padlock, making it possible for website owners to immediately or instantly show to their visitors that their website is protected and secured.

Many website owners and online shoppers know about this, and this is the reason why green address bars are helpful in increasing online sales.

  • Company Information

Another thing that makes Extended Validation SSL Certificates and green address bars helpful in increasing online sales is that Internet users are able to view the company profile of the business owning the website. This gives visitors more security because they know more about the company that they are dealing with.

They feel more secured because they know the contact details and other information about the website that they are buying stuff from.

  • Strict Validation Process

Because certificate authorities have to obtain various requirements before they can issue EV SSL Certificates to clients, Internet users are sure that the level of protection that these certificates offer are of top quality.

Also, because of the long and complex validation process that websites have to undergo, website visitors can be sure that only legitimate businesses can get EV SSL Certificates, disabling fraudulent websites from obtaining this kind of certificates.

  • Sense of Protection

Even Internet users who are not familiar with SSL Certificates feel more comfortable transacting with a website that has a green address bar. Because of the psychological effect of the color green, even visitors, who do not know the answer to the question, how does a green address bar help with online Internet sales, will be more confident purchasing from an EV SSL Certificate-protected website.

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