Google SSL Certificate: Everything You Need to Know

Google SSL Certificate: Everything You Need to Know

SSL certificate is a necessity for e-business websites that wish to accept and process payments online through credit cards. It’s also a must for websites that gather personal and confidential information from clients. These certificates are utilized to keep data secured online. These can be very beneficial to your business as it helps build your customer confidence and take your online business into another level. There are different Google SSL certificate options and you need to learn how to generate the right one for your business.

Best Go Daddy SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate – Its Advantages

SSL certificates are not just digital documents that you need to acquire for your website because every online merchant does. You need to understand what it can do for your business so that you will learn how important it is. Basically, SSL certificates have the following advantages:

  • Authentication of servers – Certificates will not only protect your clients but your business website as well. Once you purchase them, your clients will come across them, read them and get a proof that the server is saying the truth about your business. These can be purchased from reputable third party CAs that ensure your site encryption, making it impossible for scammers and fraudsters to steal information from your site.
  • Client’s confidence – The major reason why you need to have a Google SSL certificate is to let your clients know that you conduct serious business and their personal information is safe with you. Hence, you need to show that you are certified by taking advantage of seals on your website. Although you will spend money on these certificates, the ROI or return on investment can be higher, making your business grow over a short period of time.
  • Privacy – One of the greatest benefits of SSL certificates is that it makes all the online transactions private. These certificates instantly encrypt information that passes your site like login info, credit card details and many more. The encryption technology makes all data unreadable so that it will be impossible to steal valuable data from your website.

godaddy ssls How to Install Google SSL certificates?

The installation process of Google SSL certificates is fairly easy. Basically, you need a few things before you finally install it on your site such as:

  • Private key
  • CSR (Customer Signing Request)
  • Working Server

Essentially, you are required to generate a private key so that you can come up with the CSR that is highly important in the installation process. The CSR serves as a message from a CA or Certificate Authority in response to your application for digital certificate. Once you have the private keys, you can proceed with generating the CSR from your web host.

The CSR should be sent to the CA so that it will be signed. The CA will validate the CSR, sign in and sent it to you via email. Typically, the signed certificate appears in Base64 PEM format. For more security, it is advised to keep your private keys to yourself and never give it even to CA. After all these, you can now install your signed certificate and conduct a test run.


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