Forcing SSL in Joomla 3

Forcing SSL in Joomla 3

Forcing SSL in Joomla 3 is necessary to ensure that your SSL Certificate is propagated in your site and your users are redirected through the HTTPS protocol for a secured connection when visiting your Joomla website.

Forcing SSL in Your Joomla Site

To force your Joomla site to use SSL, prepare your SSL Certificate and install it on your server. If you can’t do this, you can contact your hosting provider so that they can do it for you. You also need to prepare a dedicated IP since you will use it on the setup of your certificate on Joomla.

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Follow the steps below to force your certificate on Joomla 3. You will also learn how to redirect your website through HTTPS protocol for a more secured browsing for your users.

  • Force your SSL in Joomla

Log in to your Joomla account and hover on ‘System’. You will see on the dropdown menu the ‘Global Configuration’ option; click it. Then, on the ‘Server’ tab, you will see the ‘Server Settings’ section. Under that, you will see ‘Force SSL’. Click on the dropdown menu beside it and choose ‘Entire Site’.

This will ensure that your entire site is forced to use SSL, which will protect the backend and frontend of your website.

  • Redirect your website to HTTPS

To redirect the visitors of your website to the HTTPS link, you need to edit the configuration.php file and .htaccess file on your server. Hence, go to your cPanel and get your configuration.php file. Look for the following line:

public $live_site =”;

Replace the line with this:

public $live_site = ‘‘;

After that, open your .htaccess and add these lines right before the ‘*Stop Editing’ line:

  RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} OFF

RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}


Re-upload these files on your server and check your Joomla site’s frontend to see if the links to your sites are using the HTTPS protocol. You should see your website as ‘

Solving Problem on Force SSL on Joomla 3

If your website has locked you out because the propagation of your force SSL is not successful or is faulty, you can still access it by editing the configuration.php file. Get the file from your cPanel and open it using a text editor.

Public $force_ssl = ‘2’;

Look for the line above and replace ‘2’ with ‘0’. The new code should look like this:

Public $force_ssl = ‘0’;

This should deactivate the force SSL on your entire site, which will get rid of the problem. You can then gain access to your Joomla website and edit the necessary files or update options to get rid of the problem entirely after reactivating the force SSL command. If necessary, you can redo the uploading and activating of your certificate to fix problems that you might have overlooked the first time around.

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