Filr SSL Certificates Installation

Filr SSL Certificates Installation

If you have been creating and publishing sites for quite a while now, then Novell Filr might sound familiar to you. The company designs and builds software that helps people to become more productive at work and that they help to make the work environments to appear more secure and easier to manage. The company supports thousands of organizations worldwide by providing them with the best products and services that enable the workforce in the office to be always on the go.

Among the solutions they produce are endpoint collaboration and management, as well as file and networking solutions. Above all, they also offer SSL Certificates that help to keep your websites fully protected and safe. Read on to be guided with the process of Filr SSL Certificates installation, coming from GoDaddy.

Importing GoDaddy SSL Certificates to Filr

The process of creating a new certificate and key pair in Filr is easy, for as long you follow this guide. You will also be guided on how to make a CSR or Certificate Signing Request, requesting for a Certificate from GoDaddy and then importing these certificates, as well as all associated intermediate certificates to Filr.

Creating a New Certificate and Key Pair

To begin with, you must first create a new certificate as well as a key pair. Here are the steps on how to go about this:

  • First of all, you need to log in to the Appliance Administration Console.
  • Next, check the Appliance System Configuration.
  • After that, refer to the Digital Certificates.
  • Click the drop down list and then choose “web application certificates”.
  • Next, click “File” and then choose the New Certificate.
  • Fill out the information needed, such as the alias, key algorithm (RSA), validity, key size, signature algorithm, your full server host name, and the rest of information needed. Click “okay” when you are done.
  • Highlight the Key Pair that you have recently created and set it to “Active”
  • Reboot the Server.

Creating the CSR or Certificate Signing Request

The next step will guide you in detail on how to create a CSR:

  • First, log on to the Appliance Administration Console.
  • Next, check out the Appliance System Configuration.
  • Then, go to the Digital Certificates.
  • On the Drop down list, click on “web application certificates”.
  • Choose the Cert & Key pair that you have recently created.
  • Click on “file”, then “certification request” and finally, click “Generate CSR”.
  • After that, your CSR will then be created and will be downloaded to your desktop computer.

Getting a Request Signed by GoDaddy

First of all, you need to prepare the CSR you created from Filr server before you request for a certificate from GoDaddy. When you’re all set, log in to your account with GoDaddy and refer to the link for requesting certificates. Right on the certificate request page, choose “third party dedicated server”. Enter your CSR and choose the signature algorithm. Finally, select the Certificate Issuing Organization which is GoDaddy.

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