Do Wildcard EV SSL Certificates Work in All Web Browsers?

Do Wildcard EV SSL Certificates Work in All Web Browsers?

Despite the fact the EV SSL Certificates should not issue Wildcard certificates, most of the major web browsers support Wildcard EV SSL Certificates. So, do Wildcard EV SSL Certificates work in all web browsers? Yes, but, not in all browsers. Safari is an exemption.

Even though Safari still performs that usual SSL Certificate checking and shows the EV browser cues just like any other browser, in IOS 7, the EV UI or EV User Interface is not shown. This means that Internet users who are familiar with SSL Certificates will be able to determine if the certificate is a Wildcard EV SSL Certificate or not.

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Wildcard EV SSL Certificates

Do Wildcard EV SSL Certificates work in all web browsers? Not all. And even though most browsers recognize and accept Wildcard EV SSL Certificates, this does not mean that you should try to use Wildcard EV SSL Certificates. Because Certificate Authority/Browser Forum prohibits issuing of EV SSL Certificates in Wildcard form, you need to comply with this. This is especially true if the certificate authority that issues your SSL Certificates is a member of CA/B Forum.

  • Higher Baseline Requirements

Even if the answer to the question, do Wildcard EV SSL Certificates work in all web browsers, is almost a yes, you need to ensure that you are complying with CA/B Forum’s policies. This will ensure that your certificates will be recognized and honored by browsers, which will enable Internet users to access your website and use your softwares without any problems.

Because the Baseline Requirements are higher in EV SSL Certificates, you need to be careful with your certificates. Better comply with the policies posted by Certificate Authority/Browser Forum to ensure that your website is not blocked from any browser.

  • Don’t Take Advantage

Even if Wildcard EV SSL Certificates work in almost all web browsers, you should not take advantage of it. Even though Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera are not able to detect and block Wildcard EV SSL Certificates, you should not try to use such certificate as this might affect the performance of your site in terms of complying with the Baseline Requirements for SSL Certificates.

The Baseline Requirements for SSL Certificates are higher and thus should be complied with. If not, major browsers will need to take action against these kinds of certificates. This can lead to issues that can affect not only the SSL Certificates installed on your websites and softwares but can also affect your whole website.

With these things considered, it is not recommended to order Wildcard EV SSL Certificates. Be sure that your SSL Certificates comply with the Baseline Requirements imposed by Ca/B Forum to ensure your website’s performance.

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This issue should be addressed by major browsers as this can result to more problems. Baseline Requirements are there so that Certificate Authorities will comply and ensure that the certificates that they are issuing to their clients are secured and compliant to the policies that Ca/B Forum has imposed. Help by ensuring that your certificates meet these requirements.

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