Differences Between Different SSL Certificate Types

Differences Between Different SSL Certificate Types

It’s good to know that you’re looking to get an SSL Certificate so you can offer SSL encryption. However, choosing the perfect type can be really overwhelming because there are a lot of options. When you want to offer SSL encryption, you can be confused which one you should take. There are a lot of choices to choose from. Certificate authorities offer various kinds of SSL Certificates to website owners and Internet users who want to protect their websites and server connection. Each certificate type offers a different kind of function, though all of them provide security.

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Types of SSL Certificates

Here are different kinds of SSL Certs. Included are the indications of differences between different SSL Certificate types. This will help you determine which one you should get for a specific function.

  • Standard SSL Certificates

Standard SSLs provide protection to your server or website without any much process or hassle. Your website will have data encryption along with a gold padlock on the address bar, which indicates that your website is really protected from attacks.

  • Extended Validation SSL Certificates

EV SSL Certificates offer protection to ecommerce websites. This increases the credibility of your website, which makes customers to trust your website even more. The indicators, green address bar and secure padlock, show that your website is legitimate and protected from any kinds of attacks.

  • Unified Communications Certificate

UCC SSL Certificates can secure a number of domain names in just a single certificate. Mostly, server apps use this kind of certificate to protect their connection but this kind of certificate can also be used on websites or any kind of environment.

Most UCC SSL Certificates are Standard Certificates, though some are specified as EV SSL Certs.

  • Wildcard SSL Certificates

A Wildcard SSL Certificate not only secures your website domain but also your subdomains on your specified website domain. This is helpful for website owners who need to protect multiple subdomains on a single domain name.

Most Wildcard SSL Certificates are also Standard SSL Certs. Some of them are also Extended Validation SSLs.

  • Server Gated Cryptography SSL Certificates

SGC SSL Certificates offer the highest level of encryption to websites and servers. This kind of certificate enhances the encryption level of certificates so that clients that do not support the level of encryption of your server. This is helpful because it steps up the encryption level of the client to make it 256 instead of 128 bit only.

  • 2048 bit Certs

Any kind of certificate that has been mentioned above is a 2048 bit certificate. These certificates are used on clients that require 2048 bit key strength for the private key. Because most certificate authorities now offer 2048 bit Certs, you should change to these kinds of certificates instead of staying at 1024 bit certificates so that you will be updated.

Knowing the differences between different SSL Certificate types is important so that you will be able to distinguish which type of certificate you ought to use for your website or server app. Knowing which type of cert to purchase will save you a lot of money, time and other resources.

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