Custom Amazon SSL Certificates for CloudFront

Custom Amazon SSL Certificates for CloudFront

Because of the recent feature of custom Amazon SSL Certificates for CloudFront, website owners that use Amazon’s CDN or content delivery network service can now use their own domain name and SSL Certificate to deliver content over HTTPS. This is a great feature since it lets website owners use the service to improve their website’s performance and reliability.

CloudFront and Custom Amazon SSL Certificates

Amazon CloudFront will let website owners use their own domain name in delivering the content of their website while still providing the security of an SSL Certificate. Because the custom SSL Certificates that Amazon will be using are used on the clients’ domain name, the content on the website that uses Amazon’s content delivery network service will be secured.

  • Lower Latency

The websites that use Amazon CloudFront will experience lower latency because of the efficient content delivery network service that Amazon provides. Because of this, website owners will enjoy faster websites that their visitors will surely love.

Thus, the websites that use Amazon CloudFront are secured, aside from being fast and stable, which increases the overall performance of a website.

  • Higher Reliability

Because of the custom SSL Certificates and the domain names that website owners can use on their websites, the sites of Amazon’s clients are more reliable. Thus, the trust of their clients’ website visitors is stronger. This means that websites will be able to generate more traffic through its reliability and security, which play a big part in the confidence of Internet users to websites that they visit and transact with.

  • Simple Pricing

The pricing for the custom SSL Certificates and the CloudFront service are quite simple.

The SSL Certificates pricing will be based on a fixed monthly rate. The fees will be based on the number of domain names and SSL Certificates that the client uses. While the CloudFront service will be charging for the service that you use. This means that clients will only pay for what they have used and would not be forced to pay upfront fees and excessive fees for the services that they did not use for the previous month.

This is a great feature because website owners can limit their money spent by limiting the service that they use on Amazon CloudFront. This results in cheaper fees and full control over the clients’ service usage and fees.

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Aside from the custom SSL Certificates, another great new feature that Amazon offers is the ability of the clients to configure their domains to point to a single CloudFront distribution. Now, website owners can deliver their content from their root domain, which enables them to point their and onto the same CloudFront distribution.

This is a great feature since website owners can now manage their zone apex without any problems, thus, resulting in better website performance and better traffic. Because of this, there are no more risks involved in availing of redirecting services that can affect the performance of the website that uses the CloudFront service.

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