Comparing 128 Bit SSL Encryption vs. 256 Bit SSL Certs

Comparing 128 Bit SSL Encryption vs. 256 Bit SSL Certs

When you install SSL Certificate to your website, all of the information that is being transmitted through your website is encrypted. This makes the data on your website unreadable to other entities that are trying to gain access to your website information and transactions.

With the help of data encryption, the data that is being transmitted through your website, such as payment information and login details, will not be stolen. This is quite helpful in keeping your website and your visitors secured from third parties with malicious intents.

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SSL Certificate Encryption

The strength of the encryption or the complexity of the decryption process of your data depends on the key length. 128-bit and 256-bit are strong SSL encryptions but they offer different strength of encryption. That is why many people are comparing 128 bit SSL encryption vs. 256 bit SSL Certs.

These two SSL encryption strengths are both trustworthy because they are strong enough to protect every transaction and information inside a website. But 256-bit SSL Certificates offer more protection than 128-bit certificates. Because 256-bit SSL Certificates have more key combinations, the data that is being transmitted in a website is harder to decrypt, which means that it is harder or nearly impossible to understand by a third party.

  • 128-bit SSL Certificates

If you have an ecommerce website, you can use a 128-bit SSL Certificate. Because it is strong enough to provide protection to your website, you do not need to upgrade to 256-bit, though it is not discouraged.

128-bit certificates are strong enough to encrypt information that is being sent to and from a website and Internet user. This means that even though 256-bit certificates are becoming more in demand, you can still use a 128-bit cert.

The only problem with using this level of SSL encryption is that the industry standard is becoming more demanding. It is shifting into 256-bit SSL Certificate encryption because the latter offers a much stronger encryption.

  • 256-bit SSL Certificates

Now that industry standard is shifting to 256-bit SSL Certificate encryption, you might want to get this kind of certificate. If you have a 128-bit certificate, you might want to upgrade that when your SSL Certificate contract expires.

Because 256-bit offers higher protection, many websites are now using this kind of SSL Certificate. Professional websites that have a lot of clients are installing 256-bit certificates because they want to ensure that hackers are not able to intercept in any of the transmission of information inside their website.

When comparing 128 bit SSL encryption vs. 256 bit SSL Certs, you should think about the kind of website that you have. This will enable you to choose wisely, especially if you are on a budget. But once you have gained your customers’ trust and have increased your sales and your profits, you should upgrade to a more advanced certificate so that you will be able to expand your business without worrying about the safety of your website and your clients who are coming back to your website because they feel secured doing transaction on your online shop.

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