Compare Thawte vs Entrust SSL Certificates, Which is Best?

Compare Thawte vs Entrust SSL Certificates, Which is Best?

Online security is a vital element that online businesses should take into consideration in order to provide serious business. Online threats and cyber attacks are rampant so purchasing SSL certificates to encrypt and protect all the information passing through the servers and browsers is highly important. There are plenty of SSL certificates that are available in the market but there are a few that stand out like Entrust and Thawte.  So, for your best decision it is recommended to compare Thawte vs Entrust SSL certificates and know which is best.

Thawte SSL certificate reviews

The Major SSL Providers

In actuality, Entrust and Thawte are two main SSL certificate providers in the industry. Many refer to these as the authority when it comes to Certificate Authorities. Both of these providers have become successful by providing clients what they really need and this is a wide range of certification choices that are affordable.

In essence, Thawte and Enrurst certificate packages have many similarities. But then, there are slight variations which may appear not so visible to clients even at the simplest level. Hence, it is absolutely worth taking a closer look at both companies prior to making your final decision. Each company is unique so you must arrive at the one that best suits your need.

Compare Entrust vs Thawte SSL Certificates – Which One Do You Need?

Thawte SSL certificate comparisonBasically, both of these companies have different approaches when it comes to SSL certifications and it can be seen on every aspect of their digital certificate packages. For a better view, it will be best to compare these two SSL companies according to affordability and variability.

Thawte certificate is an old name in the SSL industry. It is absolutely reliable but it tends to be rigid or inflexible so it is not prone to change its ways which lacks the excitement part. On the other hand, Entrust certificates are the somewhat new and they are open to a wide range of possibilities. This certificate company is updated with the current market trends and highly competitive too.

Moving forward, if you will look at these two companies, you will realize that Thawte certificates are very homogenous. There is not enough variation among the Thawte packages except their Wildcard packages. All their plans are available with a single domain with no sub domains and can be purchased in 128 to 256 bit encryption.

On the other end, Entrust packages provide more variety most especially when it comes to certification levels. Their certificates come with more domains as well as sub domains. They also offer support free of charge and upgrading options. Similar to Thawte, they also offer certificates that offer 128 to 256 bits of encryption plus they are 99% accepted by browsers too.

When talking about price, Thawte certificates can be purchased at about $149 at an annual package but you can get it at a lower price in case of reissues where you can get it at $85 for a year. Entrust packages are a bit more expensive at $189 per year but they are still better and cheaper compared to competitors. So, which one do you choose between the two? It really depends if you place importance on price or variety.


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