Changes Coming Soon to Future SSL Certificates

Changes Coming Soon to Future SSL Certificates

There are major changes coming soon to future SSL Certificates. While the time is still plenty, it would be ideal to spread the word about it to enable every netizen to be familiar with the changes. This would enable everyone to comply with the new changes, which will enhance the safety of every transaction online, which are done through SSL protected sites and connections.

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Changes in SSL Certificates by 2016                                                                                                                     

Microsoft announced that it will be transitioning from SHA-1 SSL Certificates to SHA-2 Certificates starting 2016. The Internet giant will stop issuing and using SHA-1 SSL Certificates to ensure the safety of Internet users.

  • Two Years to Prepare

People who are using SSL Certificates need to ensure that the Certificate Authority that is releasing or issuing their SSL Certificates will comply with the new policy to prevent problems in the future.

The transition is not speedy, which gives enough time to everyone to prepare for the changeover. This leaves no one an excuse to not be able to change the issued certificates into the recommended version.

  • Sloppy Practices Diminishing

Because of the changes coming soon to future SSL Certificates, many Certificate Authorities are upgrading their systems and are making their services even better. According to a Michigan study done within 14 months, sloppy practices had diminished, which is great news not only for people who are using SSL Certificates but also for people who transact with websites that are secured by SSL Certificates.

Because of this improvement, Microsoft believes that all Certificate Authorities can and should drop off the bad practices that they have been doing over the years and start making the Internet a safer place. Thus, they are making slow yet steady improvements to ensure that every SSL Certificate that will be issued by trusted Certificate Authorities will comply with the standard requirements.

  • Keys from 1024 to 2048 Bit

1024 had been considered standard for some time. It is safe and robust. But, it had been considered to be unsafe over the past few years, which makes almost all of SSL Certificates to be not strong enough to protect connections and websites. Because of this, the minimum required key length was increased to 2048 bit.

The changes may sound simple and can be done in no time but since root certificates have long expiration dates, they could not be changed in just a short amount of time. This leaves SSL Certificates vulnerable to certain high degree attacks, which is not good for any kind of website or server. Thus, transition had been recommended and demanded by Microsoft, which requires all certificates used in their system to be at least 2048 bit long.

SSL Certificates are the major security feature that any server and website can have. Thus, it is only proper to improve it to ensure that every transaction on the Internet will be safe. Transitions should be seen as important innovations rather than impediments that make the Internet a complicated place. Being vigilant enough to know the changes in SSL Certificates will bring great rewards particularly to those who are looking for higher security online.

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