Big Commerce Store Website SSL certificate Installation Using GoDaddy SSL

Best GoDaddy SSL CertificateDetailed Instructions: Big Commerce Store Website SSL certificate Installation Using GoDaddy SSL

Big Commerce Store Website SSL certificate installation using GoDaddy SSL is not really that hard. You just need to follow some steps to make sure that everything is working and won’t have any problem. This is also not problematic as Big Commerce has a detailed guide regarding Big Commerce Store Website SSL certificate installation using GoDaddy SSL. Read on to find out how to install your GoDaddy SSL certificates on Big Commerce Store Website the easy way.

Tools and Steps in Installing your Certificate

The only tools that you are going to need in installing your GoDaddy SSL certificate are:

  • Control Panel
  • GoDaddy SSL certificate

Now that you have prepared the tools needed, you can start your SSL installation process.  You have to generate your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from Big Commerce so that you can install your SSL certificate into your Big Commerce account.

  1. Log in to your Big Commerce control panel.
  2. Press ‘Tools’ then hit ‘SSL certificate’.
  3. To produce your CSR, press ‘View SSL certificate Options’.
  4. Then choose the selection “I have my own SSL certificate I want to install’.
  5. Select ‘I need a CSR to generate my SSL certificate’.
  6. Hit ‘Continue’.
  7. After that, you will have to fill up a form with necessary information.  You have to make sure that you enter a valid email address. Also, you have to acknowledge that you know that your store will be temporarily unavailable due to the process of SSL installation.
  8. 8.       Once you have received the CSR from Big Commerce, you should now go to GoDaddy and submit your CSR to request your SSL certificate.

Instructions on How to Set Up Your SSL Certificate on Big Commerce

After you have received your SSL certificate from GoDaddy, go back to Big Commerce to setup your SSL certificate for your website.

  1. Go to your ‘Control Panel’ and press ‘SSL certificate’ under ‘Tools’.
  2. Copy your certificate then enter it on your ‘SSL certificate Installation Tools’.  You will see a box on top – provided for the certificate copy. Paste your certificate copy there.
  3. Next, copy your intermediate certification and paste it on the box at the bottom of the ‘SSL Installation Tools’ page.
  4. Wait for 5-10 minutes for the installation process to finish.  Your SSL certificate should be installed within that time.
  5. 5.       Installing GoDaddy SSL certificates with Existing SSL certificate and Private Key

Installation Using Your Existing GoDaddy SSL certificate and Private Key

Installing SSLs using an existing GoDaddy SSL certificate and Private Key is also easier. Just make sure that you have the following because you will be providing them in your installation.

  • SSL certificate copy
  • Private Key
  • Intermediate Certificate copy
  1. After you have selected to install your existing SSL certificate and Private Key on your Big Commerce store, you can then enter the files mentioned above. There will be three boxes that you have to fill up – following the order of the above list.
  2. That’s it.  You only have to wait 5-10 minutes before your SSL certificate is finally installed in your Big Commerce store website.

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