Best SSL Certificate Authority Companies to Consider for Your Website

Best GoDaddy SSL CertificateBest SSL Certificate Authority Companies to Consider for Your Website

If you have a website that needs protection, you should look for the best SSL certificate authority companies to consider. Because the protection of your visitors is very important, especially if your website is an online store, you should find an SSL certificate authority company that will provide superior protection.

Whatever level of protection your website needs, you should always make sure that you are only purchasing your SSL certificates from trusted SSL certificate authority companies that have a good track record and good reviews from their former and current customers. Below, you will find the top certificate companies that you can visit, research about and compare to help you select the finest SSL certificate provider for your website.


Best Go Daddy SSL Certificates

If you want to purchase an affordable SSL certificate without sacrificing the quality, you should go to GoDaddy. This company’s certificates are equivalent to quality SSL certificates that other major certificate authorities offer so you don’t have to worry about your website’s information interchange protection even if you have cashed out such a small price for your SSL certificate.

  • GoDaddy SSL certificates are easy to install because they provide complete installation tools that you can use to implement your certificate to your website.
  • They also have a 24/7 support team that will assist you during the certificate installation process.
  • Aside from the fast installation, you will also receive a free Malware Scanner for your website to further protect your visitors from viruses and other malicious attacks.


One of the most trusted SSL certificate providers known on the Internet is Norton powered by VeriSign and owned by Symantec.   Confusing, I know.  Basically, Symantec bought Verisign’s SSL business and is in the middle of rebranding Verisign to Norton.  Got it now?  If no, don’t feel bad.  Plenty of website visitors seem to be a bit confused with the new Norton powered by Verisign SSL seals as well.  They’re used to the old plum colored Verisign.  Aside from the high level of protection provided by VeriSign’s certificates, they also offer Enterprise SSL certificate solutions that are suitable for organizations that need instant protection and can be managed by multiple administrators.

  • Visitors will immediately know that your website is secure through their ‘green address bars’ – an indication that your website is protected.
  • You can also implement your certificate to multiple domain names (UC Certificate) so all of your websites will have the same protection without breaking the bank.


Comodo is another prominent certificate provider that you should consider looking at. Just like GoDaddy, their certificates are very affordable with the same level of security that other certificate authorities are providing.

  • Comodo certificates are trusted by most browsers that people are using.
  • They have a money back guarantee policy.


GeoTrust is also one of the most trusted certificate providers on the Internet. They are not as cheap as GoDaddy or Comodo but you can be assured that every cent that you pay for your certificates are worth it.

  • Even if they provide certificates that offer maximum protection, their issuance is fast.
  • You will receive renewal reminders so you can always keep your website safe without fail.
  • They also have a money back guarantee which doesn’t look very useful since their customers are quite satisfied with their products.

Whatever certificate provider that you choose, you should keep in mind that you should carefully consider the kind of certificate that your website needs for maximum protection.

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