Best Practices When Renewing SSL Certificates for Your Website

Best GoDaddy SSL CertificateBest Practices When Renewing SSL Certificates for Your Website

Renewing your SSL certificates may not be as easy as you might think. Because different certificate providers have different procedures on how to renew SSL certificates, you might get overwhelmed by the numerous steps and procedures that you have to memorize and follow whenever you are renewing your certificates. This is particularly true if you have bought SSL certificates from multiple certificate providers.

So to keep you from wandering aimlessly on your certificate provider’s site, here are some best practices when renewing SSL certificates for your website.

Here are some steps that you can follow when renewing your SSL certificates. Let’s have GoDaddy as an example because it is one of the fastest and easiest certificates to renew.

Best Go Daddy SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate Renewals and Certificate Signing Request Submission Process

  1. After logging in to your GoDaddy account, find the ‘Products’ tab.
  2. You will see the list of your certificates. Select the certificate that you want to renew then press ‘Renew’.
  3. Indicate your preferred duration of your new contract then hit ‘Renew’ then ‘Checkout’.
  4. After you have made sure that the details of your order are accurate, press ‘Continue to Checkout’ and set the payment for your certificate renewal.
  5. After you have finished your certificate renewal process, you should now go to your server to request for a new Certificate Signing Request (CSR) so that you can have the copy of your renewed SSL certificate.

If your web server is GoDaddy, you can follow their directions on how to request a CSR via various server software. Select which one you are using and follow the steps provided.

  1. Once you have generated your CSR, go back to GoDaddy and submit your CSR file. You can do this by pasting your CSR copy onto the box provided once you have clicked ‘Request Certificate’.
  2. Once you have pasted your CSR copy, hit ‘Next’ then check the details of your CSR. Once you have made sure that all is correct, press ‘Next’. You should now be able to see a message saying that your Certificate Signing Request submission has been successful.

Verification Process

After you have renewed your SSL certificate and have successfully submitted your CSR, you will now receive a confirmation email that contains the necessary steps that you have to follow to confirm your certificate renewal. Just follow that instructions on the email then check your certificate’s status if your confirmation has been successful.

SSL certificate Download and Installation Process

  1. You will receive an email saying that your renewal had been successful. There will be a link going to your GoDaddy’s ‘Certificate list’; click it.
  2. Once you are back on the ‘Certificate List’, select the certificate that you want to download then hit ‘Download’.
  3. Save your certificate copy on your hard disk for safekeeping and later retrieval then go to your server and follow their instructions on how to install your renewed certificate. If you are using GoDaddy, you can follow the instructions that comes with the certificate file.

After your installation, wait for just a couple of minutes for the changes to be implemented then test drive your website to see if your installation has been successful.

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