Best IIS 7 Wildcard SSL Certificate

Best IIS 7 Wildcard SSL Certificate

When installing an SSL Certificate on IIS 7, you need to choose the best IIS 7 Wildcard SSL Certificate so that the installation process will be smooth and hassle-free. GoDaddy is a great certificate authority that offers Wildcard SSL Certificates that you can use on your IIS 7. The certificate authority is already trusted and well-established so you won’t have any problems with the installation, verification and management of the certificates.

Knowing how to setup Wildcard SSL Cert for IIS 7 properly is also important so that you will be able to take advantage of your certificate. You should follow the steps correctly so that you will be able to use your certificate to protect your connection.

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Installation of Wildcard SSL Certificate on IIS 7

Here is a simple guide for SSL Cert installation on IIS 7. Make sure that you follow the steps accurately to avoid problems.

  • Generate a Certificate Signing Request

Before you can get your SSL Certificate copy, you should generate a Certificate Signing Request. This will be submitted to your certificate authority, like GoDaddy, so that they will provide the copy of your certificate.

    • Open the IIS Manager then click the server name then double-click ‘Server Certificates’.
    • Hit ‘Create Certificate Request’ on the right ‘Actions’ panel.
    • Provide all the necessary information such as your company info then hit ‘Next’.
    • Leave the Cryptographic service provider to default (Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider). Then set the bit length to 2048 or higher then click ‘Next’.
    • Specify a filename for your CSR then hit ‘Finish’.
  • Install Your Wildcard SSL Certificate

After you have submitted your CSR to the certificate authority, you will receive the copy of your cert via email. Copy the file and paste it onto a text file and save it. Make sure that the extension is .crt.

  • Open the IIS Manager then click ‘Server Name’. Double click ‘Server Certificates’ then click on ‘Complete Certificate Request’ on the right panel.
  • Choose the certificate file by browsing it. Provide a friendly name so that you will be able to distinguish it easily when you need to locate, edit or manage it.
  • Click the ‘OK’ button to start the installation process.
  • Bind Your Website

Bind your website so that you will be able to use your Wildcard SSL Certificate on it.

  • On the ‘Site’ option, select the website that you want to secure with your newly installed Wildcard SSL Certificate. Press ‘Bindings’ under the ‘Edit Site’ menu on the right panel.
  • On the ‘site-bonding’ window, click ‘ADD’ to open a new window. Choose ‘HTTPS’ on the ‘Type’ option then choose ‘All Unassigned’ or enter the IP Address of the site that you want to protect. Put 443 in the port option.
  • Provide the certificate name that you have just installed then just click ‘OK’.

After the binding process, you have completed the installation of the best IIS 7 Wildcard SSL Certificate, which is from GoDaddy. Just restart your IIS for the changes to take effect.


Best IIS 7 Wildcard SSL Certificate| Installation of Wildcard SSL Cert on IIS 7

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