Android Jelly Bean SSL Certificate Installation

Android Jelly Bean SSL Certificate Installation

The Android operating system has maintained its efficiency in almost all aspects, making it to become one of the best operating systems for mobile devices. Their latest offering, the Android Jelly Bean, also known as the Android 4.2, has greatly exceeded the users’ expectations and it clearly defines what a new breed of mobile technology is all about.

When using the Jelly Bean, it is recommended that you install SSL Certificate for your security and safety. GoDaddy is the best choice for Android SSL Certificates. But the question is, “How are you going to install the SSL Certificate?” Refer below for the Android Jelly Bean SSL Certificate Installation process.

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The Process Is Easy but Comes with Pitfalls

Installing the SSL Certificate is pretty easy. However, there are pitfalls that come with it, so you have to be very careful. First of all, you need to export the certificate as a X.509 certificate that is DER encoded. This can be made possible with the use of a Firefox browser on a PC. Simply click on the lock sign of the SSL, right on the address bar. Simply click on More Information, then choose View Certificate, click on Details, and then choose Export. The exported certificate must be saved towards the root directory of the phone’s internal storage and should have an extension of either *.cer or *.crt. Some other extensions are not compatible.

Install from Device Storage

Right after the exported certificate is saved, click on the option that says “install from device storage”. You will find this on Settings, under Security, and then choose the Credential Storage. If you have done the process correctly on the previous step, then the certificate name will be displayed and you will be asked to confirm the installation. If you have exported the certificate in the wrong process or format, or perhaps you have given it a wrong extension and placed it somewhere else, other than the root of the internal storage, then you will certainly encounter an error. The error message will say something as “No certificate file found on the USB storage.”

If you encounter an error during the process of Android Jelly Bean SSL Certificate installation, then you have to repeat it over again. To avoid encountering the same error again, make sure that you export the certificate correctly and then save it in the right place.

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More about the Android Jelly Bean

The new Android Jelly Bean certainly has everything that a mobile user would ever need for a reliable operating system. First of all, it is known for its excellent speed. It is smooth and fast, allowing you to view heavy graphics and images in just a snap. Secondly, the operating system is sensible and smart that you will be served with pretty much all the information that you need without so much complications. While it really is a great operating system, your safety and security could be at risk. That’s why it is important that you install SSL Certificate on your Android Jelly Bean.

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