An Informative Review On the SSL Certificates Available At GoDaddy

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Whenever a new social networking website or a new funky online store is launched, most people suddenly jump into the bandwagon and the craze, without even thinking about the risks. Many people are not aware that by joining these social networking websites, or by purchasing from online stores, they are placing themselves in a volatile situation. This is because a third party program can easily download all their personal information. This dreadful situation can easily be avoided if the website owner has implemented an SSL certificate to their domain.

Certain companies provide these SSL certificates, and one of the most famous SSL certificate providers in the business today is GoDaddy. With GoDaddy, website owners and online entrepreneurs can now guarantee their visitors that all their personal information are kept safe.

About Go Daddy

Jomax Technologies created GoDaddy in 1997. Aside from providing SSL certificates, GoDaddy is also popular for its registration and domain name services. Customer satisfaction is an important factor at GoDaddy, which is why they strive to provide the best service for their customers, without having to ask so much in return.

Go Daddy SSL Certificates review

SSL Certificates Available at Go Daddy

At GoDaddy, guests will be able to find the cheap SSL certificates that will fit any website. They have the Wildcard certificate, which is an SSL certificate that is best used for websites with subdomains. Through the Wildcard certificate, all the other subdomains will be protected. Go Daddy has plan features for the Wildcard Certificate that reach up to 5 years. If clients acquire the 5-year plan, they will be able to save 10% on the total price. Guests will have the ability to find the UCC SSL certificate, which is a certificate that is ideal for websites with multiple domains, and for websites using Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. The UCC SSL certificate at GoDaddy can cover 5 up to 100 domains, and they have certificate plans that can reach up to 5 years. Clients will be able to save 20% on their UCC SSL certificates if they purchase the 3-year, 4-year and 5-year plan. For websites with a single domain, an SSL certificate for single domains is available at GoDaddy as well. Their 3-year plan can offer guests with a 15% discount. The validation process for these certificates is at a medium level, because during the validation, little information is asked from the website guest. These three types of SLL certificates come with a free Malware scanner, and a domain validation. These certificates can be easily issued within a few minutes, and they have a $10,000 warranty.

For website owners who want to acquire and install an excellent security system, GoDaddy also has a certificate that is one of its new SSL certificates. The Premium SSL or the Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate is available at GoDaddy. This certificate offers tight security to a single domain. This is the new SSL certificate offering that is most advised for online businesses. The Premium SSL from Go Daddy comes with the green address bar, a free DNSSEC and Malware scanner.

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  • The Advantages of GoDaddy SSL Certificates

Perhaps the most notable advantage of SSLs is the price for these certificates. Among the most famous and most trusted SSL certificate companies today, GoDaddy has one of the cheapest SSL certificate rates in the industry. Their SSL certificates are also very easy to use, and their customer service is excellent since they will completely guide the clients throughout the installment process. The customer service staff will even check with the client a few days after the installment to make sure that everything is going smoothly. The SSL certificates at Go Daddy can be instantly received within minutes, while Go Daddy’s competition will usually deliver the SSL certificate within days. For most of GoDaddy’s clients, GoDaddy is an awesome company that offers wonderful support. The customer services of GoDaddy are responsive and readily fix problems in an efficient and quick manner.

GoDaddy SSL Certificates Review

  • The Disadvantages of GoDaddy SSL Certificates

While GoDaddy SSL certificates are usually easy to install, if you’re not a webmaster you may find it a little confusing, which is normal. GoDaddy also has a tendency to email a lot of offers to their customers, which doesn’t really affect the function of the SSL certificate, but it can be a very annoying to some.

The features that customers love the most about GoDaddy are their excellent customer service and their very affordable rates. You would think that with their cheap prices, GoDaddy will offer a poor customer service in return, but this isn’t actually the case. Go Daddy has one of the most excellent customer support systems in the industry.

GoDaddy suggests their clients to acquire the 4-year or 5-year plans available for their SSL certificates. This is because their long-term plans will include fantastic discounts.  With GoDaddy’s SSL certificate plans, customers will be able to provide security to their websites that will last for years. Although there are free SSL certificates available on the Internet, Go Daddy strongly suggests clients to be wary of these free certificates, since these have a large chance of being a huge scam.

The Verdict On Go Daddy’s SSL Certificates

For website owners who are on tight budget, but want to provide security to themselves and to their visitors, they cannot go wrong with an SSL cert from Go Daddy. As previously stated, GoDaddy is offering the cheapest SSL certificates in the market. Their certs are sturdy and are very easy to use. Although the installation process can be a bit tricky, customers can always call the GoDaddy customer service to ask for help. With Go Daddy SSL certificates, website owners no longer have to live in fear of third party hacking programs.


GoDaddy SSL Certificate Review| Cheap, Reliable, and Secure SSLs

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